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Upgrading MySQL in cPanel

To upgrade MySQL,1) you will need to login to WHM as the root user. This article will cover an example of the unattended MySQL upgrade process.

  1. Login to your WHM Panel as root. ( https://yourserversip:2087 )
  2. Naviage to the MySQL Upgrade Panel ( WHM » Software » MySQL Upgrade. )
  3. From this panel, each step (1-7) is outlined easily. However, here's a break down of each step as well.
    1. The first page/option of the upgrade procedure is selecting the version of MySQL that you would like to upgrade to. Simply select the radial for the corresponding version and proceed with the [ Next ] button.
    2. The following page with present you with a list of "Upgrade Warnings". Select the check box for each warning after reading and understanding it. Proceed with the [ Continue ] button.
      • You will almost always see an advisory suggesting to perform a full MySQL database backup. This is highly recommended. Search our Knowledgebase for guides on performing backups.
    3. The third step will be to choose an Unattended Upgrade ( Our choice for this guide ), a Partially-Interactive Upgrade, or an Interactive Upgrade. The latter two options should only be chosen if you have special configurations in place. Proceed with the [ Continue ] button.
    4. Selecting the Unattended Upgrade skips steps 4-6, straight to 7, the actual upgrade procedure. Check out the video below for an example:

  • MySQL upgrades are one way. Downgrading is in no way supported or advisable. For this reason it's highly advised that you create a backup of all MySQL databases before proceeding!
  • Upgrading MySQL Databases may break existing websites, if you are unsure, you'll need to contact your developer to confirm support for the desired MySQL version.
  • Going from a MySQL version less than 5.5 to 5.6 or higher may result in needing to reset some users passwords depending on if MySQL was using the new password hashing algorithm when they were created.
You can learn about two ways of checking the MySQL version here.
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