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Disabling/Uninstalling FrontPage Extensions in cPanel

This article covers information about cPanel's FrontPage® Extensions, including what they are, cPanel's discontinuation of them, and how to remove them.

As of cPanel 11.46, updates will be blocked if FrontPage® Extensions are installed. See the 'Disabling FrontPage® Extensions' section.

What are cPanel FrontPage® Extensions?

FrontPage extensions allow a user to publish their website directly from their computer through the FrontPage website editing application. More detailed information about cPanel's FrontPage® Extensions can be found in 1)cPanel's Official Documenation.

cPanel FrontPage® Extensions Discontinued

As of cPanel 11.46 support for FrontPage® Extensions will no longer be supported. cPanel's removal of support for FrontPage® prevents further upgrading cPanel until the extensions have been removed completely See 2)FrontPage Update Blocker and 3)Apache Module: FrontPage for more information. cPanel 11.44 introduced an easy method for the removal of FrontPage® Extensions.

If you have the extensions enabled you'll receive a cPanel update blocked notification. The details of the block will look similar to this:

cPanel's decision for removal has not been specifically expressed, however it's quite certain it's due to security and stability purposes. More detailed information about this about can be seen in 4)cPanel News.

Disabling/Uninstalling FrontPage® Extensions in cPanel

After you remove FrontPage from your server, you will not be able to reactivate it, and FrontPage features will no longer display in any part of cPanel & WHM. If you are not sure if you use FrontPage extensions you most likely do not. Most people do not and never have. Support cannot tell you if you're using them, only you or your developer would know this information.

That being said, it is extremely advised to completely remove FrontPage from your server. To continue, proceed with the instructions as provided below.

  1. Login to your WHM Panel as the root user. ( http:<yourserversip>:2086 or https:<yourserversip>:2087 )
  2. Navigate to the FrontPage Panel. ( Home » FrontPage )
  3. Once at the main FrontPage Panel, select the 'Uninstall FrontPage Extensions' option.

  1. Scroll down to the 'Additional Options' section and check the 'Uninstall FrontPage For All Users' option.
    • The new Uninstall FrontPage For All Users option allows you to remove FrontPage from all user accounts and from your server at the same time. After you use this new option, FrontPage will be uninstalled, related features will no longer be available, and your server will ignore any related settings. You will not be able to reactivate FrontPage after you use this option.

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