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How to Log in to WordPress

Whether your WordPress site is in our 1) Managed WordPress Hosting, or has been installed on a 2)VPS or a 3)Dedicated Server (whether it was installed manually or through a tool like Softaculous), once the WordPress site has been created, logging in works basically the same way.

If you are currently waiting for DNS propagation to finish, you may need to edit the hosts file on your local computer in order to test your site.

To log into the WordPress site, first, open your web browser and go to your site's login url. For example, if your site's main url was https://domain.tld then the login url would usually be https://domain.tld/wp-login.php . Usually if you are not already logged into the site, https://domain.tld/wp-admin will redirect to this page as well. If your WordPress is not installed at the root of the domain, i.e., if the main url of the website is https://domain.tld/blog , then the login url would instead be https://domain.tld/blog/wp-login.php . Enter the username and password of the WordPress user you are logging in as, and then click the "Log In" button.

After this, you should be at your 4)WordPress dashboard.

If you have forgotten your WordPress password, or if you are not sure if you are remembering it correctly, you can reset it. If you are using our 5)Managed WordPress Hosting, this would be done within the My Knownhost Client Portal. If this is on a 6)VPS or a 7)Dedicated Server, you have the needed access to change the password directly from the database. Make sure to choose a secure password!

If you need any assistance accessing your WordPress site with us, please don't hesitate to open a Support Ticket!

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