Enjoy fully managed Wagtail hosting choices that combine world-class support and outstanding hardware – with 99.99%+ uptime.

VPS Server



per month

  • 2 Core CPU Processor
  • 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 75 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 2 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 4 Core CPU Processor
  • 8 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 150 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 4 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 6 Core CPU Processor
  • 10 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 250 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 5 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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VPS Server



per month

  • 8 Core CPU Processor
  • 12 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 300 GB RAID-10 SSD Storage
  • 6 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • DirectAdmin Included
  • cPanel/WHM Optional
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Why Choose KnownHost?

Enjoy the best application hosting performance, resources and support at all times with Wagtail hosting that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as standard. If any part of your Wagtail hosting experience falls below expectations, we’ll get to work and keep working until you tell us you’re 100% satisfied…. no sliding support services, no underperforming uptime – just superior Wagtail hosting all day, every day.


With the right apps, sites enjoy page load times less than 1 second, which feels instant to the average web user. Site owners love the great user experience.

Setup & Migration

We’ll configure your account and send you the details right after sign-up. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll handle the migration from your old host – no problem.

Full Management

You needn’t be a server tech wizard. Your time can be spent managing your site so we can deal with the tech matters behind the scenes, freeing up your time to do what you do best.


Using the finest hardware and staff in the business is normal operations, just like our regular optimization reviews and code updates – for your top speeds.


Automated zombie attacks are rampant across the internet because some hosts haven’t taken steps to stop them. At KnownHost, we’ve put DDoS protection measures in place to keep your site online.


We include DirectAdmin with all VPS hosting plans – at no added charge. We give you the VPS hosting management capabilities you need – and we’ll install and configure DirectAdmin so it’s ready to go the second you log into your account.


Wagtail Web Hosting
Powered by DirectAdmin

Fully managed Wagtail hosting plans leave technical matters to KnownHost server admins, while you and your visitors enjoy the blazing speeds with ultra-fast page loads the first time.

What KnownHost Provides:

  • Superior Speeds
  • Best Uptime
  • Solid State Speeds
  • 100% Guaranteed

+ Datacenter Choice!

+ Free DirectAdmin!

+ $1 Softaculous!


Change can be smooth and trouble-free. When you want to upgrade, change features or just change your mind, we’re here to help make the change as trouble-free as possible, no problem.


Wagtail hosting can range from small spec VPS boxes up to fully deployed client enterprise dedicated servers. Whatever your needs, we have a plan that will scale and fit your situation.


The KnownHost Management Portal provides one unified entry point for hosting and domains, which, when combined with free DirectAdmin, makes logins and site management that much easier.

KnownHost Hosting Plans

Shared ›

Cloud-based shared hosting plans deliver your pages amazingly fast. Cloud is quick, resilient and definitely the one to beat with unrivaled performance.

Reseller ›

Featuring a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee with our reseller hosting, you’ll get distinct logins for each account/domain holder – all for under $7 per month, guaranteed.

Cloud VPS ›

The true best of the best server performance comes packaged as Cloud VPS plans. They are the fastest available, giving you the cutting-edge cloud advantages of speed and dependability.


Search engines and human visitors alike want URL’s secured (https://) because it means information is encrypted before being transferred back and forth from visitor to server, and back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run ______?

If it runs on Linux it’ll probably run here. However, just because it should run, doesn’t mean you should run it! Things we prohibit include hacking tools, spam tools and things which would infringe on the IP of others. See our ToS and AUP to confirm what’s okay, and what’s not. We maintain a clean community of servers – so if you have plans to the contrary, look elsewhere.

Am I allowed to spam, hack or share warez?

Um, no. Check our ToS and AUP to get the facts. But, in general, if you plan on doing something that harms others, is infringing or is illegal, we’ll have to vote you off the island.

How does KnownHost guarantee staff are fully trained?

When we recruit new team members for our support crews, we make sure they come with the experience and training our platform demands. Then we provide regular training and upskilling sessions, so every KnownHost support team member has the broadest possible skillset.