In Progress Legacy Texas Dedicated Servers - Power Event


Staff member
Currently our legacy dedicated server network that remains in Texas is suffering a facility wide power outage.

All appropriate staff have been engaged to restore power to the facility as quickly as possible. There is no current ETA for service restoration.

We have been attempting to migrate customers from this facility over the last 4+ years so the number of customers impacted is relatively small, less than 40~ but we still are treating this outage with urgency. Please be advised it's a facility wide event so we are at the mercy of the facility until power has been restored.

For those individuals impacted, I urge you to take advantage of the offers that our sales team has been sending you over the years offering free upgrades and migrations away from this facility.

Our staff will work with each of you to ensure we get you back online as quickly as possible once the power has been fully restored to the facility.
No additional ETA has been provided at this time, we are continuing to monitor the situation and work with our partner facilities.
We've received word that power has been restored to the facility. Facility Staff are working to bring all networking gear back online and then our staff will be able to evaluate each server to ensure it's fully back online.