Anyone else experiencing a sharp change in support quality?


I've been a customer of KH for many years, almost always receiving top notch service from very technical and dedicated support.

In the last weeks/months I've noticed a SHARP change of attitude: till now even before replying to the tickets, I was seeing support staff logging into the machine and actually checking the problem, collecting all information, and send me back their suggestions or most of the times final solution.

Now they almost never access the machine unless I push for it, there's a very clear change of attitude where they either send links to online forums or reply with wrong technical assumptions, sometimes without any idea. And what I notice is that it seems a continuous attempt to get back the ball on customer's side, trying to spend as little as possible time on the problem and repeating always the same thing.

And after a few emails, asking to actually open another ticket because suddenly the problem is not anymore the original one (still unresolved) but the fact that their solution doesn't work, usually because of something specific of the VPS that they cannot change. And even when providing them evidence of what the real problem is, they clearly not read (or not pay attention) to those replies.

I had to ask for a supervisor to look and solve at the problem every other time in the last few weeks/months, and apart the odd one that's when actually the problem is dealt with properly, investigated, if needed forwarded to cPanel or other developer of the service that doesn't work.

Anyone else noticed something similar, or am I particularly unlucky? Some guys of tech support are amazing, but are becoming the exception more than the rule as it was before.

I honestly think there should be a rating system for the personnel at support, because might be a few but those few are really bringing down the reputation of KH service for me.


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There is a lot going on in your ticket, including quite a bit of non-standard configurations as well as the fact that you were advised one route to correct it but chose to take another route.

I'm going to look over your ticket and personally handle it and provide you further details.


Hi Daniel

thanks for your reply, obviously my post was honestly not just for this last ticket, it's just the last one of others in the last few weeks/months.

If by non-standard configurations you mean not letting cPanel do everything the way it wants then there's something wrong, because if having a managed service means "stick with all that cPanel does and don't do anything else" then is not a managed service. cPanel is very useful for some things, but on some others as your support people say is very limited and full of bugs, so solution it can't be "use it as it is or don't use it all".

Same if you consider 'non-standard' using Cloudflare, that is a de facto standard. As for any suggested route, you can specify more in the ticket which one this solution was, but if you refer to the fact of disabling Cloudflare for that subdomain (or disabling it manually/temporarily every time so that cPanel is happy to renew its AutoSSL) that is hardly a solution, is just a quick way to avoid the problem.

Mostly because actually Cloudflare has no probelm with cpanel/whm, their ports are perfectly supported, or should I mention one of the staff saying that SSL certificates are 'port specific'?

Anyway I appreciate your effort, this is not specific to this ticket that I'm sure we'll solve quickly now that you're dealing with it, my message was more asking other users about this fact that more and more often it seems tickets are getting dealt only by supervisors in the way they were usually dealt with before by everyone else as well.

Your strong technical support is the reason why many are with you, I want to still be your customer, but I want to go back when your support staff was dedicating proper time dealing with problems, actually enjoying a technical challenge when there's one.

I'll go for all the details in the ticket reply I see you just sent me. Thanks.


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I am going to ditto this. I started with KnownHost just 4 months ago and did so because of the many raving reviews I read. However, I have had a slew of issues getting things to work on the VPS server. I am also seeing about 50% good service and 50% asking why I filed a ticket.

To me, Daniel's reply is indicative of the response from Support. Instead of hearing the overall situation, he locked in on one ticket. I have nothing against Daniel, and would like to highlight the "attitude" again. The attitude I am seeing variates from eager to not interested. After I suggest the print is too small or the emails are full of ">>" or there are 2 'News' buttons on the Support Portal toolbar, nothing seems to change. ??

I too, am seeing some great Support reps and a few who seem to just be passing-it-on (the ticket's stated issue). Please understand that I value managed hosting, but I have found myself lost overboard in the great ocean of server management. Just this week, for example, I opened a ticket about Webalizer not showing countries. Info here and on DirectAdmin was very dated. The conversation in the ticket focused on AWstats It took 2 days to zero in on the conclusion that Webalizer is effectively - dead!

When I open a ticket, I consider deeply how to communicate the issue with Support, so that they will not be misled and waste time chasing false leads. I consider that they likely have much more knowledge about Linux than I do. And, I hope to learn something from the situation.

Given the amount of time I have spent "spinning wheels" on a few of the tickets, I've submitted, I am feeling less confident in Managed Server Support.

My hope is that we can work together, spread knowledge and keep the servers running efficiently and smoothly. I hope that Support are problem solvers and will help arrive at a conclusion acceptable to both of us.




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@BuzzBrands I see you have multiple tickets opened. Please note that our sales and billing department are not staffed 24/7 but I do see your support ticket is being actively responded to which you opened a few moments ago.


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Same if you consider 'non-standard' using Cloudflare, that is a de facto standard. As for any suggested route, you can specify more in the ticket which one this solution was, but if you refer to the fact of disabling Cloudflare for that subdomain (or disabling it manually/temporarily every time so that cPanel is happy to renew its AutoSSL) that is hardly a solution, is just a quick way to avoid the problem.
The way I dealt with this was disable AutoSSL and install an origin cert provided by Cloudflare. If I recall correctly the only problem is the cert is not valid for public use so if you configure hosts file on your local machine to bypass CL you'll get warning about invalid cert.


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I signed up for three years less than a week ago. And, I am moving my reseller account from another (pretty good) hosting service. In the few days that I have been with KH, I have been blown away by how prompt and helpful the responses are!

Since I am new to KH, I have a lot of configuration-related requests. My tickets have consistently been answered in minutes. Literally. The tone and the tenor of the messages have been exemplary.

No, I am not being paid to write this. :)


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as a long time customer too I can say I didn't notice any changes about it latelly, is almost the same.

I think we have to take in consideration we are having a VERY affordable managed service and still a very good service. Plus to it, in its start it was managed as long as you used a control panel for ovious reasons I think, It is not the same to manage a server like this than a server without control panel. Manage/fix problems in a full server is time consuming and expensive.

We have lots of problems because we have a lot of accounts, but we fix the problems ourselves and in rare case contact support, but when we did always got help.

So in my opinion, for more that there was a few support problems in almost 8 years (most with very complex or weird stuff, or problems the communcation because I am not a native english speaker) nobody beats Knownhost, still now, in the support you get for the price you pay using a server.

Of course, it is my opninion.



I'm glad to see that others report differently, because that means it was maybe a negative strike for me or just some isolated cases/people.

Also as OP, I'm happy also to report when good things happen, like today with Victor who's offered the amazing KH support I always loved, he didn't manage to finish by the end of his shift sadly but not for his fault, he went well and beyond what I was expecting to solve a weird (as usual!) cPanel problem.

He was amazing. And my hopes are high whoever will get the shift will keep doing so, because that is the kind of support that makes KH different and better than anything else.