1. S

    NVMe SSD

    I'm curious if knownhost has looked into NVMe SSD considering how the price has come down so much.
  2. B

    Managed VPS vs Managed Cloud KVM VPS

    Good morning, Looking for some advice from both KH technicians and any fellow KH customers who've made the switch: I currently have KH SSD-4 services. I run about 80-90% of my 95 GB in RAID-10 SSD storage. Never come close to my bandwidth, and RAM has never been an issue either. However, I am...
  3. P

    Moving to SSD VPS

    Hi Knownhost, I would like to ask some suggestion about upgrading our VPS to SSD VPS. The current setup is Core 2 E8500 @3.4Ghz and 16GB of RAM. However due to our heavy scripted Wordpress websites and our CPU is currently the bottleneck. I am researching to upgrade this VPS to modern SSD...
  4. turbo

    Moving from a dedi to a SSD with KH

    Hi, I want to move a third party Dedi account with 8 websites to a SSD -3 VPS with KH. My actual dedi account use CentOS 6.8 x86_64 standard and WHM 62.0 (built 16) and is setup as per below: as hostname with and Accounts:
  5. L

    Bigger SSD VPS packages

    Hello, In the VPS packages with non-SSD harddrive you have upto VPS-7, but in the SSD packages the biggest is SSD-5. Is there any plan to create some bigger SSD VPS packages for next year? Like a SSD-6 and SSD7 with more harddrive space. Thanks.
  6. GreatMarko

    Allow SSD VPS hosting in your other data centers

    At present, KnownHost operate out of 3 data centers (in Texas, Washington, and Maryland), however for customers who choose SSD VPS hosting, "All SSD powered VPS Servers are located in our world-class Central datacenter at Texas, US" Please extend SSD VPS provisions to your other two data...