1. S

    NVMe SSD

    I'm curious if knownhost has looked into NVMe SSD considering how the price has come down so much.
  2. bradleygt89

    Managed VPS vs Managed Cloud KVM VPS

    Good morning, Looking for some advice from both KH technicians and any fellow KH customers who've made the switch: I currently have KH SSD-4 services. I run about 80-90% of my 95 GB in RAID-10 SSD storage. Never come close to my bandwidth, and RAM has never been an issue either. However, I am...
  3. P

    Moving to SSD VPS

    Hi Knownhost, I would like to ask some suggestion about upgrading our VPS to SSD VPS. The current setup is Core 2 E8500 @3.4Ghz and 16GB of RAM. However due to our heavy scripted Wordpress websites and our CPU is currently the bottleneck. I am researching to upgrade this VPS to modern SSD...
  4. turbo

    Moving from a dedi to a SSD with KH

    Hi, I want to move a third party Dedi account with 8 websites to a SSD -3 VPS with KH. My actual dedi account use CentOS 6.8 x86_64 standard and WHM 62.0 (built 16) and is setup as per below: as hostname with and Accounts:
  5. L

    Bigger SSD VPS packages

    Hello, In the VPS packages with non-SSD harddrive you have upto VPS-7, but in the SSD packages the biggest is SSD-5. Is there any plan to create some bigger SSD VPS packages for next year? Like a SSD-6 and SSD7 with more harddrive space. Thanks.
  6. GreatMarko

    Allow SSD VPS hosting in your other data centers

    At present, KnownHost operate out of 3 data centers (in Texas, Washington, and Maryland), however for customers who choose SSD VPS hosting, "All SSD powered VPS Servers are located in our world-class Central datacenter at Texas, US" Please extend SSD VPS provisions to your other two data...