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    Maria DB adding 4th galera cluster

    I have three `clusters` setup and running perfectly for the past months. Recently I want to add another `cluster` in a different location but somehow I keep on getting errors. At first, I was just following this tutorial (where I setup the first time few months ago)...
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    MySQL gremlin

    This past Friday, my dedicated server was upgraded to an SSD. A stock OS was installed on the SSD and then account restorations went next. One of the shockers was that all dedicated IP addresses were reset back to the primary IP, breaking two of my largest clients' sites. Got that sorted out...
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    One site WordPress causing excessive process

    I need some help with one site on my VPS. The is site running excessive processes and ends up crashing mysql taking down all the other sites on the server with it. Here's a list of what I have done to try and fix but nothing is working. - scanned for malware and it came up clean - renamed...