1. The German

    Almalinux 8 - anybody migrated to it yet?

    Centos 8 is EOL very soon, Centos 7 to follow 2024 and I just saw an announcement on Cpanel, that AlmaLinux 8 seems to be a good, long term supported successor. Questions: Is AlmaLinux going to be an option for KH systems in the future? Has anybody migrated to AlmaLinux yet? If so, how is the...
  2. turbo

    Moving from a dedi to a SSD with KH

    Hi, I want to move a third party Dedi account with 8 websites to a SSD -3 VPS with KH. My actual dedi account use CentOS 6.8 x86_64 standard and WHM 62.0 (built 16) and is setup as per below: srb.mysite.club as hostname with ns1.mysite.club and ns2.mysite.club Accounts: mysite.club...