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    Avid movie watchers?

    I'll go see it, but I sure wish Robin Williams was still alive to take that role. :( I'm sure Will Smith will do it justice.
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    incoming mail bypassing DKIM, SPF, and SpamAssassin on cPanel-CentOS7

    No open relay for you there. The first server to relay that message was... Which somehow sent it in the future o_O If instead the first one, or maybe second, you saw was Then you'd have a possible open relay with your server. But, instead, the only place you see where your server received the...
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    Word Press P VPS-1 or Managed Business Level WP

    If you just plan on having the one site, I'd go with the Business Level WP, but if you would like the option to add more sites then go with VPS-1. You can google "softaculous wordpress" that will be the easiest for you and it will automate things like backups and updates for you.
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    Expired AutoSSL certs piling up

    AutoSSL will only remove it's own issued certs. Any self-signed certs or certs you've created will not be touched by AutoSSL, expired or not.
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    Question about using WHM backup utility for my forum

    In WHM you can perform Full and Incremental (only backs up the new data since the last backup) backups. You can also set additional destinations such as AWS, Google Drive, or FTP. If you want to use your HG account you can use FTP, preferably SFTP if you can get it working, or Rsync, there are...
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    Domains Hosted On VPS

    @jealbr , Though they're not always 100%, if you can recall your IP address, services like this may help: Google "DNS history" and there are slews of them. If you don't remember your IP, that might be something KH could find out.
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    WP Hosting

    That's interesting. I'm surprised such a feature would be stripped.
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    Avid movie watchers?

    You mean like Dumbo, Aladdin, and The Lion King? ^^^^^
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    Ditto, but only 5 years here, coming up on May 18th. ;)
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    How to Block port no 80 on cPanel/WHM

    Hi @wphackedhelp , He was looking to block port 80, not allow port 80. It seems he's also looking for an automated solution when malicious files are detected that will display a message only on the users website. If you were to use ConfigServer and remove port 80, to instead block the port, it...
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    WP Hosting

    Assuming it's the same, you could just login to her WebMail and create a filter that deletes any email containing ***SPAM*** for that email account, but that will only apply it to that single email account.
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    Windows VPS KVM or Hyper-V

    If Option 1 has both MS SQL and MySQL on it and your sites are not anything too intense, looks fine. But, I'm not aware of many hosts offering a single package that includes both MS SQL and MySQL. You may need to get one that includes MS SQL and add on MySQL yourself, or get a separate server to...
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    WP Hosting

    SpamAssassin is what marks those as ***SPAM***. Log into your cPanel and adjust your Spam Filter settings. You can just have SpamAssassin discard those emails, but I prefer to keep them and instead filter them into a Junk Email Folder. Not sure how many options WP hosting offers, so this may or...
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    Windows VPS KVM or Hyper-V

    That'll significantly reduce your options then and help you narrow down your choices. You're pretty much stuck with a Windows OS system, and although it could possibly be using a MySQL database, chances are it's using MS SQL, but check to be sure, as that'll narrow your options even more. Then...
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    Windows VPS KVM or Hyper-V

    Based on specs alone the Option 1 KVM based VPS you mentioned is by far more capable, more ram, appears to be more processing power, more space, more bandwidth, and a faster connection. But, the real question is, what is the site developed in? That might determine which OS you need to go with...
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    Knownhost is losing quality in its

    Well, then, to answer your question, no, I've not. Been with KH over 4 years now. I've migrated Dedi's 4 times, migrated VPS's a couple times, one of them just a couple months ago, currently have 2 Dedi's and 2 VPS's with KH. Of the 9 support requests I've had in the last year, all have been...
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    Avid movie watchers?

    Haven't seen Venom yet, guess at this point I'll wait for it to be on Netflix or Prime. I take it from your list you have kids too. ;)
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    Knownhost is losing quality in its

    As @Dan stated, if it's something that needs to be done with your domain on the registrars side, unless you bought that domain through KH you're going to be responsible for those changes. KH doesn't have access to your domain management. Rather than throw out complaints on the board how about...
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    Love the new digs!!!

    Love the new digs!!!
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    Avid movie watchers?

    Not sure if any of you are Harry Potter fans. I don't get to see many movies anymore but I saw crimes of grindelwald a bit ago and I enjoyed it. They certainly set it up to continue the story but I know many people didn't like the ending because of that.