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    PreSales Questions

    Yes, you would be able to run all those on a VPS here.
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    RAM burstable or guaranteed?

    Guaranteed. As far as I know, they do not use burst RAM here.
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    How to backup your VPS

    Use rsync as opposed to the cPanel backup. Pretty much every off-site backup service in existence supports rsync.
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    Possible New Customer - Safe Harbor Policies?

    It means that the forum is not an official means of support. If you want a quick answer, you need to submit a ticket.
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
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    Websites load very slowly on VPS

    Yeah, I'd definitely give it a try before just outright leaving. I've been with KH for 4 years this month (LA Datacenter) and really haven't had any issues. I do notice a slight slowdown and increased loads when the backups are taking place, but aside from that, everything is really quick.
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    Websites load very slowly on VPS

    Hi Sherrie, Yeah...the puzzling part is that it worked well when you first came here. You can't really rely on the burst RAM, and the amount of memory is still a sticking point for me. But why you would get these problems all of the sudden like this, I haven't a clue. Have you asked the KH...
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    Websites load very slowly on VPS

    Sherrie, If you're using 87% of your guaranteed memory at any given time, there IS going to be a problem. I'm not sure why you think there wouldn't be. You're going to have spikes in usage, things are going to slow down, and cPanel is going to start killing off processes. 256mb is not...
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    KnownHost's Santa 2010 Wishlist

    Thanks a bunch KH!! Here's to another great year! Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Softaculous install

    They should be able to install it for you, since it is fully managed. Your assumption is correct, it is ridiculously easy to install. :)
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    Migrating WHMPHP Master Reseller to VPS

    Just to update you Dan, and everyone else in case somebody comes across this problem: The fix was actually relatively simple. In WHMPHP, I had to transfer the ownership of all accounts (including reseller accounts) to the main account owner. This in turn made the accounts appear in cPanel...
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    Migrating WHMPHP Master Reseller to VPS

    Ha ha ha! You got that right!
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    Migrating WHMPHP Master Reseller to VPS

    Can't even log into their cPanels as there is no root password. Fantastic!
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    Migrating WHMPHP Master Reseller to VPS

    Thanks Dan, I'll see if I can back up the individual accounts by attempting to log on to their cPanels, and I suppose just doing a full backup on each one. I'll give that a try in a couple minutes and let you know it turns out. Thanks!
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    Difficulty of managed VPS

    Ha ha ha!!! Nicely done! I had a client using 1and1 not too long ago, and I did the same thing. Was easier to just pay to move it somewhere else. Recently dealt with Globat as well. They're right up there with 1and1 in my book.
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    Migrating WHMPHP Master Reseller to VPS

    Thanks for the reply Dan, and sorry I took so long to get back. Have been out of town. That's part of the issue. He doesn't have a root account. He is what I guess you would call a master reseller? The WHM is a dumbed down version, and you log in with his username, not as root. When you log...
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    Migrating WHMPHP Master Reseller to VPS

    Holy crap. Just when I thought I had seen it all, this problem creeps up. :D I wanted to ask this here first instead of to the Support guys, in case somebody here has experienced this before. A client has a master reseller account (managed by WHMPHP software) at another hosting provider. I...
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    Automated PayPal Billing...

    Uhhhhhh...maybe I'm just misunderstanding what you're asking, but that's probably something you should ask your employer??? How would anybody here know? :confused:
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    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Uhhhhh...sure! Happy Holidays! I guess Columbus Day is coming up here in the States, and then Halloween. Why not? :D
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    looking for advice

    Yeah, VPS is the way to go for that one. You'll love it here!