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    eaccelerator installation failed

    You CANNOT load it that way. It will never work like that. Instead: Set extension_dir to php.ini to /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/ then load it as
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    Where is knownhost site hosted?

    Yes. This is accomplished using an A record pointing to another location. Nothing complex at all.
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    Alert Support Reps of new ticket via kayako
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    Time for a new DC in CA?

    I'm not sure if any of you guys really understand what's going on here...and it's very unfortunate that you obviously think you do. Basically, MPT provides space and power. The 90+ networks listed on the site are available for KH to connect to. There are also larger providers that have a mix...
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    Thanks for the tip :)
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    Rahul, I'm sorry but you seem to be by far the most immature person on this forum...I'm really really sorry to say that - but it bugs me :)
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    Yes as of 9:10 PM EDT or so I am back online. Looks like KnownHost had sw-soft licensing issues...that's my best guess.
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    How could ALL CA nodes and ALL TX nodes be offline at the same time? Think about it. Something doesn't add up here. I'm beginning to gather my backups, and I think everyone else should consider doing the same.
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    I have low TTLs set, and another DNS provider (dnsmadeeasy).
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    Strange. Haven't heard anything from KH themselves either. I don't like how it's June 30th...the last day of the month is the perfect day for billing issues to crop up ;) But seriously - this does suck...if it's not back up by 9PM EDT I will probably have to resort to using my own backups and...
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage? I'm just anyone else experiencing an outage in TX right now?
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    PHP4 and PHP5

    Minor modifications are necessary to httpd.conf. But, who cares? cPanel doesn't overwrite that *ever* unless you specifically select for it to do so when running easyapache.
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    PHP4 and PHP5

    Actually, this is untrue. cPanel happens to be quite flexible with most "dual-version" implementations. Unless you select to reset your httpd.conf, it will not be, and the /usr/local/php5 directory (that is commonly used which such installed) is uninfluenced by PHP compiles through easyapache.
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    dedicated server, pleeeaaasee...

    To expand on that, it can be done. MySQL 5 supports replication in a much simpler fashion than in MySQL 4, and you can easily setup databases to be replicated between the two VPSes. next, you can use rsync or unison (google for both, and check search) to sync your general data. I...
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    How much data do you currently have at MT? If it is under 2GB you should be able to use their backup function to generate a tar.gz of all of your websites. Then, you should download this file and upload your data to your new FTP(s) at KH. Then, you can use phpmyadmin to restore any MySQL...
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    Texas or Cali?

    Cogent has a certain stigma about them, but having a plethora of recent experience with them (especially in many key locations such as San Jose), I would not say that there is no such thing as worse bandwidth. There is definitely worse out there, trust me. Besides, at this point, Cogent has...