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    "www" question

    I've got a client who can not view their website within their internal network when the "www" is typed into the URL. The rest of the world has no problems. Any ideas on how I can advise them?
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    Upgrade to PHP & MySQL 5x?

    I am perfectly happy running PHP 4.x and MySQL 4.x. Is there any compelling reason why I should consider upgrading? Are there issues that would causes headaches IF I did indeed upgrade?
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    Mail Queue Question

    I was just curious about what causes an email to get stuck in the Queue. The most common one I see is due to a full mailbox. But others just seem random. Today, I've had two emails with multiple recipients get stuck in the Queue. One went through went I forced it (why didn't it go through by...
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    Anybody Running OSCommerce?

    Has anybody successfully installed OSCommerce on a KH VPS? I can't get past some nagging "include path" issues, even after making adjustments to the php.ini file.
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    AutoResponder Responds to Spam

    I've got a client who uses the email autoresponder quite a bit. It appears that the autoresponder functions BEFORE the spam filters -- so it is sending out autoresponse messages to hundreds of junk email addresses. Then, her mail box fills up with returned and undeliverable emails. Does...
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    X3 Theme

    How/where can I get the X3 theme for Cpanel?
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    Forum RSS Feed?

    Just a would be great to be able to subscribe to the forum as an RSS feed -- so we could monitor new postings without having to visit the forum....
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    OSCommerce Not Appearing as Add-On Script

    I have activated OSCommerce as an add-on script within my WebHost Manager. However, when I log into an invidiual website's control panel and select "Addon Scripts" I am given two choices The new cPAddons system can be found here The old addon system can be found here. OSCommerce is NOT listed...
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    Memory Question

    I was on the first VPS plan with 128MB of ram and running a couple very low-traffic sites. I was surprised to be consistently maxing out on memory. I upgraded to the next level, with 256MB of ram and am already nearly maxing out on memory again. Again, these are very low-traffic sites, but I am...
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    Increased Spoofing

    Ever since moving my business hosting and email account to KnownHost, my email address has been used for spoofing (other people faking my email address to send spam). I have SPF setup but the spoofing continues (slightly decreased). I would like to start moving my client sites over to...
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    Can anybody tell me about DomainKeys? I was testing my SPF settings and the results came back saying that SPF was OK, but that I did not have DomainKeys -- or they were not signed. Do I need to worry about this?
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    Plan for Growth?

    I am migrating from a hosting company that, like Knownhost, is fairly young and HAD tremendous customer service. Because of their great service and prices, they grew faster than they could handle -- which has resulted in slow service and server instability. I don't want to move my clients...
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    webmail URL & Login

    I am getting ready to transfer some of my client sites over to my new VPS and I have a couple of email-related questions... 1) My clients are used to typing in this URL to get their webmail: Is there a way that they can keep that url as we move to Knownhost? (otherwise, they...
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    SMTP Settings

    Hi -- I have a question on SMTP settings. I have a test email account setup and it sends/receives OK with webmail. From my PC (using Thunderbird), I can receive OK. However, I can not SEND. I can't find any KB articles or forum topics on SMTP settings. Is there anything that I need to know...