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    PLEASE NOTE: Sales and Billing staff is available 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST Monday-Friday

    KnownHost's sales and billing staff is available 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST Monday thru Friday via phone and email. Technical Support is available 24x7 via our email and/or helpdesk found here
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    How to tell what node your on?
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    Utilizing Google Apps Gmail for Domains

    How do you know it didn't work? Changing the MX records can take time to propagate(or fully make its way through the entire internet) so you might have to wait a bit before it starts to work.
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    Where is my HTTPD.conf file

    /usr/local/apache/conf however, check the WHM/cPanel documentation first:
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    Cannot Get into CPanel/WHM; But can get to powerpanel

    Here's a thread at cPanel's forums...should give you some insight on how to get your IP removed:
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    Cannot Get into CPanel/WHM; But can get to powerpanel

    Send in a support ticket ASAP: They can login and get yourself unblocked. Alternatively, if you had another internet connection you could get to, you could login that way.
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    IP Deny Manager Circumvention

    Not sure. I do know CSF - - works quite well. Check it out.
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    FrontPage Extentions causing Grief

    And I think it's also been discontinued and no longer supported by WHM as well.
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    sending SMS texts

    If it's not listed here: you should not have a problem. However, you have to watch out to make sure it does not eat up your VPS's resources. However, to actually send SMS's to people you need to use an SMS gateway which costs money per SMS like...
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    How to see who has visted your site

    If you mean, why use third party analytics? More features etc.
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    Automatic payment

    PayPal subscriptions are unavailable due to KH's billing software not supporting it. Provide them with a credit card and they will charge it automatically.
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    Installatron Interest?

    Any update?
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    Help mE

    You probably can, it's just a prepaid debit card? I assume it has a Visa or Mastercard logo on the front.
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    Security of my VPS server...

    Try shooting an email off to support asking for advice.
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    CentOS Drama -- Any insight/Thoughts?

    But yes Knownhost can definitely, should they choose, start deploying alternative Virtuozzo supported OS's.
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    CentOS Drama -- Any insight/Thoughts?

    The real issue is Virtuozzo support. Check this link to see the supported Virtual OS Distributions:
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    WHMCS "Brandable"

    Yes. However, there is a Powered By WHMCS Line in the Client Area.
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    CentOS Drama -- Any insight/Thoughts?

    Update: Facts Regarding CentOS and the Open Letter: Curious, what other Linux OS's are supported by Virtuozzo besides for CentOS?
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    Litespeed offering?

    Bumping this thread. Any interest still? KH, contact Litespeed. They have been known to work out some very successful partnerships with hosts. I know it's an amazing product that is just getting more solid and helpful.