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  1. Nicki

    Back with KH!

    Welcome back! ^_^
  2. Nicki

    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    Looking good, guys!
  3. Nicki

    KnownHost Santa 2014

    Merry Christmas, guys!
  4. Nicki

    What do you call...

    I always say "username" because it's part of what you use to login ... maybe there's an official technical term for it?
  5. Nicki


    Because they know if they look long enough, they'll find someone desperate for the work who will do it for next to nothing. That's why I got out of that racket. Loved the job, hated the work/clients.
  6. Nicki

    New To KnownHost

    Welcome to KnownHost! :)
  7. Nicki

    Windows Hosting Suggestions

    Taking a peek at the source, I see plenty of references to AXD files. That's ASP.NET for sure. Your client will need to either find another host, or a better platform. Did they ever justify the need for ASP.NET/Windows? Or is it just what their designer uses/prefers?
  8. Nicki

    Windows Hosting Suggestions

    Ewwww...Yik! It is possible to get ASP.NET working in a Linux environment. I've read a few papers on how it could be done, but I remember thinking it was a convoluted pain in the you-know-what. That's one platform you couldn't pay me enough to touch! Been there, done that, no thanks, I still...
  9. Nicki

    Sincere Question.

    I know, right? I miss you guys, but love where I am. Y'all would like my teammates. :)
  10. Nicki

    Windows Hosting Suggestions

    Let me guess, the site was written in .NET? (and if so, did you promptly smack them? ;))
  11. Nicki

    Sincere Question.

    Chris, they are indeed something else! I'm a former-employee-turned-customer and fangirl. KnownHost truly cares; that fact was clear to me from the very first day. I happily switched hosts and have not looked back. :)
  12. Nicki

    I made the move :)

    Welcome to KnownHost! :D
  13. Nicki

    Making the Switch to Known Host NOW

    Welcome aboard! :)
  14. Nicki

    Prof assist req - setup DNS zones

    Welcome to KH Victor! With time you'll grow more familiar with WHM and maneuvering through it will be a breeze. I don't know if you have checked it out yet, but cPanel's documentation is very helpful to me when I am stuck trying to find how to do something.
  15. Nicki

    Graphic Designs

    If you are looking for free pre-made icons, buttons, etc., there are plenty of open-source and free-use resource sites. Two in particular that I frequent are Freebiesbug and WebAppers.
  16. Nicki

    Fully Managed VPS ?

    Welcome to KnownHost! :)
  17. Nicki

    Ticket Priorities / Statuses

    Me personally, I would love to see that! ;)
  18. Nicki

    Concerns about PHP Version

    I'm assuming these are these 3rd party scripts? (not written by you and/or your staff) If so, you could look up on the website for the owner/author as there could likely be updates for them.
  19. Nicki

    Error in WHM after enabling/installing Munin

    Ah hah! That's what I was missing. Thanks, Mathew! :)