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    Reselling VPS, how?

    I am looking at reselling both shared and VPS space on a website. I will be buying the first VPS very soon for my hosting site. (I'm hoping for the first week of April.) So I've been doing my research. I know there are ways of setting up the system so that once you are paid, a shared account...
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    Restore server after devastating attack?

    To be honest, I haven't used PowerPanel, so I don't know how to deselect from using its firewall settings. I am sure one of the KnownHost support team could tell you how to keep from using it. On my Linux system at home, using Ubuntu, I have a simple GUI to manipulate the iptables. I am...
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    Restore server after devastating attack?

    I don't know how you would do on the server, but I use iptables. I set all ports to not allow incoming or outgoing traffic. Then I research which ports I'll actually use and allow incoming and outgoing traffic. Otherwise, all other connections are denied. Each host has their own set up, so...
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    Thinking of VPS and/or Reseller

    I grew tired of posting as a guest, so created a forum account. Is there any idea on when the current special is going to end? Sandra
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    Restore server after devastating attack?

    I don't know about restoring a server, but having dealt with websites that were hacked, I do have a few bits of advice. If you use PHP on the server, do not allow certain functions to be available to be called. My top priority has been to lock out the eval() and dl() functions. I am sure...