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  1. KH-Mathew

    CSF v6.41 now seeing: WARNING: RESTRICT_SYSLOG is disabled. See SECURITY WARNING in F

    True, that does look alarming at first glance. I think it is great that they are making their warnings catch the eye though. It will make users aware of something that may be of some use to understand in the future. Keep on using up the forums anytime you have a concern like this though...
  2. KH-Mathew

    CSF v6.41 now seeing: WARNING: RESTRICT_SYSLOG is disabled. See SECURITY WARNING in F

    Hi, Since the logs would be modified by writing the the syslog socket, and not the flat files themselves, the possible vulnerability is that a user could add data to syslog which could be interpreted by CSF/LFD, but I don't see how this would allow them to modify what is written by other...
  3. KH-Mathew

    Very bad experience with E-Mail and Support

    You may want to encourage your customers to use IMAP too. Unless they specifically need offline access to email and do not have an IMAP client that supports "offline mode" then IMAP will provide several benefits including: 1. Saves bandwidth since only a small portion of the email is sent to...
  4. KH-Mathew

    WARNING: Do not upgrade to CentOS v6 kernel 2.6.32-431.1.2.el6.x86_64

    This has been resolved by the CentOS team. Our conainers running CentOS 6.5 will use kernel 2.6.32-042stab079.6 . We have not had any issues with it as far as I know.
  5. KH-Mathew

    How to FTP to my VPS

    Hi Roger, Welcome to KnownHost! Unfortunately support does not provide migration from an unsupported panel, but lets see if we can use this thread to get your files there. Once the files and databases are on the new server support can hammer out any details such as ownership or permission...
  6. KH-Mathew

    FileZilla login

    Hi Dennis, The credentials for the cpanel user are whatever you used when you created the cpanel account. It sounds like you are a bit new to this. I suggest that you read the following to get started. It may help to make some more sense out of how cPanel/WHM work...
  7. KH-Mathew

    Moving Wordpress From Local Development server to my VPS

    Hi Peter, You already pay for managed hosting so why not let support help? If you handle the following: 1. Create a cpanel account 2. Upload the site's files and database dumps to the new account. 3. Create the database and database use in cPanel. Then support will be happy to do the rest for...
  8. KH-Mathew

    FileZilla login

    That info is intended to be used for WHM logins and ssh. I thought that was specified in the login emails. Normally ftp logins are done using the credentials of a cpanel account owner. It is a bad idea to allow root to use ftp since the protocol itself implements no encryption and anyone could...
  9. KH-Mathew

    FileZilla login

    That was actually an incorrect statement. Root does have an FTP account, but root logins are disabled.
  10. KH-Mathew

    FileZilla login

    Root does not have an ftp account for security reasons. You can enable root ftp login in Home >> Service Configuration >> FTP Server Configuration
  11. KH-Mathew

    FileZilla login

    If you have a firewall installed check and see if you have been blocked. If you can't ping the server or browse a web page either you probably have been. This would likely happen if you tried several combinations of incorrect port/username. If you are not blocked by the firewall then make sure...
  12. KH-Mathew

    Error in WHM after enabling/installing Munin

    Hey Nicki, This is via WHM. Send me a PM with your IP and I will check it out for you if you need me to.
  13. KH-Mathew

    Considering Switching to KnownHost

    Munin can be enabled in WHM by checking "Install and keep updated" Home »cPanel »Manage Plugins and clicking save. Thanks for bringing up that one 3BCTO.
  14. KH-Mathew

    Free ASL Delayed ModSecurity Rules are no longer

    Here is a script that I put together that installs modsec on cPanel. This script will recompile easyapache to include ModSecurity and its dependency UniqueId. It also installs the CMC plugin from ConfigServer with the rules from the OWASP project. Once the script is run everything is installed...
  15. KH-Mathew

    Free ASL Delayed ModSecurity Rules are no longer

    Just food for though, but you could start a thread to invite developers to add modsec rules addressing specific exploits to the thread. Basically you could pick and choose what rules you wanted to add from posts. Support cannot provide these rules but there may be KH staff that can post from...
  16. KH-Mathew

    Setting and 'index page' in a cgi-bin directory

    Hi Dandello, Check your directory and file permissions as well as file ownership. Also, what do the global and custom (if enabled) Apache logs say about it?
  17. KH-Mathew

    SSL cert re-use question

    To make using my cert easy for all services I just changed my hostname from to If you do this you still have to install the cert on the domain and then in the service certs manager in WHM. My cert works for the domain as well as FTP, Webmail, cPanel, WHM, and SMTP...
  18. KH-Mathew

    Enabling FUSE on your VPS (or how to use Amazon S3 on your VPS!)

    Hi, I see what you mean. I was hoping that you were just syncing backups or something like that to another server. I don't think you will find anything suitable for doing that sort of mount that does not require fuse I know that sshfs and ftpfs both do. I know that you don't want a dedicated...
  19. KH-Mathew

    Enabling FUSE on your VPS (or how to use Amazon S3 on your VPS!)

    Hi, Can you put what your needs as far as file sharing are into context? I think if I understand what you are needing to do as far as file sharing, then I may be able to help you find a solution other than fuse if you are open to it. IE: Are you storing backups remotely, backing up a web site...
  20. KH-Mathew

    Enabling FUSE on your VPS (or how to use Amazon S3 on your VPS!)

    Hi, Since KH VPS's run on Virtuozzo, and Virtuozzo containers get their kernel from the host node, it is not possible to load kernel modules from a container. It is not supported by the software and we cannot make changes to the host node's kernel for specific VPS's for obvious reasons. If you...