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  1. knowhostfan

    Pls guide me install mailparse

    In directadmin I need to install mailparse . Thanks
  2. knowhostfan

    Correct way of installing php extension in directadmin

    Guys the above link is one way and the other is to go to directadmin custom build interface. Now I installed a php extension using the link above and then by mistake I installed the same way in direkctadmin custom build interface Can this cause...
  3. knowhostfan

    Dns info in one small sever?

    I am a free lancer , I have about 20 clients that I host on my VPS I want to upgrade my vps to centos 7 and now I understand I have to do all name server changes Should I get myself a small VPS just for DNS? For that few clients what do you suggest? Thanks
  4. knowhostfan

    block all ip except one in nginix

    I want to block all visitors except one ip on my new site that I am working on it in apache htaccess it was easy but now I have a sever nginx I don't know how to do it .
  5. knowhostfan

    Unable to obtain exim queue length within 30 seconds - Timed out

    Unable to obtain exim queue length within 30 seconds - Timed out What does that mean and how can I trouble shoot?
  6. knowhostfan

    whm backup is giving me a lot of trouble

    Whm backup schedule gives me a lot of trouble and site slows down on my VPS. Any alternative or solution? Thanks guys and if this has been answered before a link will help me :)