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    PLEASE NOTE: Sales and Billing staff is available 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST Monday-Friday

    KnownHost's sales and billing staff is available 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST Monday thru Friday via phone and email. Technical Support is available 24x7 via our email and/or helpdesk found here
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    Suggestions for New Site

    Hi KH, Going to post my suggestions/comments here about the new site just because it's easier. Overall it's amazing! In the forum, when you login, the "redirection" is a funky looking page, the window is off to the side. In the forum, the top header image is stretched unlike the other pages...
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    KnownHost VPS Special - Starting at $15/mo, Lifetime Discounts, Double Bandwidth

    Thinking about getting a VPS but not sure which company fits your needs? You know you want: **Uptime **High Performance Servers **Cutting Edge Technology **Fast/Reliable Support **A host you KNOW and trust KnownHost is proud to announce their new promotion KH4LIFE which gets you 50% off...
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    Net Neutrality Just curious to hear people's thoughts on the above link. Is anyone really scared about this? :rolleyes:
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    Name one thing you love about Knownhost

    I'll go first. 1. Responsiveness to issues.
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    Check your forums profiles - new changes

    With the new vBulletin 3.70, there are some pretty nifty changes, mostly in the area of "social networking". Few things I've noticed: A revamped user profile system. The ability to write on another user's profile page. The ability to create groups. The ability to create photo albums. The...
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    [SPLIT] backup script

    Would you please? Maybe post it as a tutorial? Regards,
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    I think we forgot somebody's birthday...Happy Birthday KnownHost!

    Happy Belated Birthday KnownHost! Two years old on March, 6th. [Broken External Image]:
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    [FAQ] How do I *Subscribe to this forum*? *UPDATED 04/08/2013*

    UPDATED FOR NEW FORUM SOFTWARE! It is critical that every member here subscribes to the forum Network and Hardware status forum that pertains to their VPS. Many of us are already aware that when we reply to a thread, we get "subscribed" and receive an email notifying us of a new reply to...
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    Finally took the plunge....

    From Plesk to cPanel. Could not be happier. :) I gave up on SWSoft(now Parallels) who just issued false promises re: release dates, configuration cleanups etc. While Plesk has a nicer look to its interface, it is missing a lot of basic features. I'm glad I'm with a more progressive company...
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    Let it snow...

    Finally got some real snow here in NYC. How's everyone's winter been?
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    SWSoft --> Parallels

    So SWSoft has officially decided to switch names to Parallels. It's a decent marketing idea but as a Plesk user specifically, will they actually get around to implementing certain features that have been strangely missing such as multiple FTP accounts? Maybe it's just me but this company does...
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    KnownHost now offering FULLY MANAGED VPS's - Lifetime Discounts, VPS's from $10/mo!

    When you hear the name KnownHost, a couple words come to mind: Fantastic Uptime High Performance Custom Built Servers Cutting Edge Technology Unbeatable Customer Service and Support We decided to turn it up a notch and offer our affordable VPS plans FULLY MANAGED at no additional cost to our...
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    KnownHost's Fast Start / Slow Pay VPS Special!! VPS's starting at $5/mo!!

    Thinking about getting a VPS but not sure which company fits your needs? You know you want: **Uptime **High Performance Servers **Cutting Edge Technology **Fast/Reliable Support **A host you KNOW and trust Well look no further, KnownHost brings back our popular VPS promotion KHtriple...
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    Scan old tickets into FAQ

    Hi, Just had an idea that would help out many when it comes to support. Have someone go through the support tickets and formulate them into knowledge base entries. Use all the questions people asked and the support reps responses to your advantage.... The only downside would be that this would...
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    Alert Support Reps of new ticket via kayako

    Hi, I was just wondering how high ticket volume companies set kayako's support suite to alert there reps of new tickets/replies. I will be deploying soon a new service for a client of mine & just wanted to get people's feedback. Maybe KH would like to chime in here. I would assume they don't...
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    Have any of you guys been to hostingcon? KH - do you have a booth there? Just curious ;)
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    Now this is what you can do with flash....

    A friend of mine turned me on to this flash website. Its a web design/advertising agency site. Its totally out of this world. You dont realize it at first but within the site, those "charachters" moving around are actually other real visitors moving around within the site - and...
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    Its amazing how great this forum's SEO ranking is. All without one of those SEO add-ons for vbulletin. Its becoming more apparent as more often I am searching for stuff on google relating to VPSes and i'm finding threads from this forum within the search results. I guess its nice to know...
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    Litespeed offering?

    Hi guys, What do you think about offering litespeed? I heard that they have a VPS license. Hearing such wonderful things about it, I feel like it would be nice as an add-on. Not quite sure how easily it fits in with all the CP and dont know how well it works with automation but just throwing...