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  1. Big Dan


    Hi, Does anyone have experience installing GeoIP for PHP? I tried the Easy Apache custom module with no dice. Thanks, Dan
  2. Big Dan

    Xenforo Enhanced Search

    Hi Folks, I'll be moving a forum over to the XenForo platform later this year. One thing I'd like to do is is run Xenforo's Enhanced Search. This requires elastic search to constantly run on the server. Is installation of elastic search and keeping it running at all times something that...
  3. Big Dan

    Give Debbie a raise!

    After business hours, I opened a ticket last night to get an IP added to my server. Tech support kicked it to billing. I figured I wouldn't hear anything until morning. At 9:28pm everything was straightened out. Around 10:30 I opened a ticket requesting a Litespeed license. By 11:30pm I had...
  4. Big Dan

    Howdy Folks

    Hi Guys, I'm Dan Hutter from New York. I host a few client's websites as well as my own websites and forums. I'm pretty new to Known Host, been here a couple of weeks after another VPS provider dropped the ball and had my sites down for over 24 hours. So far everything has been great...
  5. Big Dan

    Integrate billing, tickets, etc

    Maybe I'm just too used to WHMCS from other hosts but the ticket and billing system looks a bit dated and is a little confusing to navigate. Otherwise great service so far! :)
  6. Big Dan

    Reseller Hosting

    Hi Guys, Just curious does KH offer reseller hosting? Thanks, Dan