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  1. Peter Bernard

    Reseller hosting move

    Have all the reseller accounts been moved to the new data center? When I ping my site it still says it is in Dallas.
  2. Peter Bernard

    WP Hosting

    In the WP-1 hosting account, after an email address has been created it marks Spam emails with ***SPAM*** in the subject line. Is there a way to stop them from being downloaded to the email client such as Outlook or Macmail? Looking for a server side solution, I am not near the computer to set...
  3. Peter Bernard

    Is this overkill

    I currently have a MVPS-2. All I have on it is one WP site getting about 200 visitors a day and a handful of domains that have placeholder pages on the domain. That is about it. I got the MVPS-2 in hopes of growing the WP site and working on some other projects but due to a medical issue they...
  4. Peter Bernard

    CSS menu issue

    I am trying to learn CSS after not looking at it for a few too many years. I have a test site, but in Chrome the menu does not work when hovering over any part of the page that has content. So you can go to the dropdown menu items on the right side of the page but not over the video. Anyone...
  5. Peter Bernard

    Sending emails via WP

    I have a WP site and am using the WP Mail SMTP plugin to send emails for manage our subscriber list for sending notifications when a new post is made. About 1 in 4 people do not get the confirmation email to confirm their newsletter subscription request and about 40 people don't get the...
  6. Peter Bernard

    Google indexed https links.

    For one of our sites Google has indexed https pages but the site does not have SSL so if anyone clicks the links they get a warning message that the site is not secure. I know I can not redirect the https links to http via htaccess without installing an SSL cert. Does anyone have any...