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    Strange symbols being inserted before £

    Hi, I am sure this is a character settings problem but one of my sites uses a £ symbol as a delimiter. After uploading it all of the £ symbols in my php files are preceded by a "Â". Any £ symbols in html files are fine? Anyone have any ideas?
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    vitfs folder in my root home folder?

    Hi, I have several accounts set up on my VPS and domains attached to all of these. However in my /home folder I have a folder called virtfs along with all the other folders entitled the same name as the account names I set up. The folder just seems to be an alias of some of the accounts but...
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    123-Reg for my host domain

    Hi All, Just got my VPS with KH and so far service has been great and the forum very helpful which is very welcoming. I am kind of new to this server stuff and my knowledge is very patchy especially the DNS stuff. My domains are currently held at my host runs off one of...
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    Initial DNS setup help

    Hi all, I have looked over many of the posts in this forum which does seem to be great but a combination of different people's situations and my lack of knowledge has confused me. What I am trying to achieve. I currently purchase domains through Namecheap (for .coms) and 123-Reg (for...