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  1. RMedure

    WHM 11.50 and Centos 5

    Does anyone know what issues there are with running 11.50 on centos 5? The cPanel documentation says that centos 5 is technically supported, but the WHM main screen then gives a warning that you really better be on centos 6.
  2. RMedure

    How to stop spam -- DEAD in its tracks!!

    This turned out to be a rather long document, and I haven’t had time yet to thoroughly proof read it. So PLEASE let me know if you find any errors or anything that just doesn’t make sense. Also, the appendix containing more verbose reasoning and explanation is TBD. Otherwise, enjoy! :)...
  3. RMedure

    Mailserver Security (WHM/cPanel)

    This may seem pretty trivial or basic to most VPS owners ... but for me not being very familiar with where to find everything in WHM, I sure could have used a write up like this. :) If y'all think it's worthy...