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    Does my hosting account support webdav? I would like to publish my Sunbird calendars, and I was told to ask my host if they support it.
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    New domain name

    I currently have hosting through KH using one domain. I want to get rid of that domain name and use another. How would that work? I just give you the new domain name and you KH people work your magic?
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    Happy Holidays KnownHost

    Just received a Christmas (thanks customer) card in the mail today. Just wanted to say thanks, and I hope all you great folks here at KnownHost have a wonder holiday! I must say... I have had many hosting companies over the years. None have even come close to the service I get here. I have...
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    I just signed up for your hosting, and I have a quick question. I was in c-panel, and I added an email adress. I didn't realize that one was created when my hosting was setup. I believe it is the main email account. I don't want that one. I like the one I created since it is friendlier :)...