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  1. mooresites

    Thank you, KH!

    Hey, not sure what member to sent to for sending a shout out regarding the support team, so I'll just post to the lounge. I wanted to commend the support team for (again) going above and beyond on stuff that wasn't even in their description. They're just the best at what they do and I wanted to...
  2. mooresites

    Best Way to Backup

    What's the best method to back up MySQL databases nightly/weekly, etc.? Is it through DirectAdmin or phpmyadmin? Can you make a cron job and if so, how? Thanks for any info!
  3. mooresites

    It was actually a matter of activating Spam Assassin on each account on my server (I used "send to each users spam box" if that matters). Once all accounts were active with Spam assassin (I use Direct Admin and used "Spam Assassin settings), my queue slimmed up and I was removed from...
  4. mooresites


    I have a person who is emailing to one of my clients (and me as well to test) from a (Citibank) email address. My server is blocking that address with the following bounceback to the user: [my server IP] does not like recipient. Remote host said: 550 Email blocked by SORBS - to...
  5. mooresites

    Got it . . . Well, thanks to support (you guys truly rock), I found out some of my accounts weren't running spam assassin even though they were just forwarders. I have since activated and all seems to have quieted down. I still have some frozen mail, though not nearly what it was. Thanks guys.
  6. mooresites

    Also . . . I just received a spam that came from my server ( and tracked the originating IP address to Romania. Here are the headers (fyi, is a forwarder of mine). Return-path: <> Envelope-to: Delivery-date: Mon...
  7. mooresites

    Rule According to, bouncebacks to spammers using your address as a "replyto" should be as follows: If yourcompany.tld has a properly configured mail server, the SMTP dialog will look like this: HELO MAIL FROM: victimatvictimdomain.tld[/email (i used...
  8. mooresites

    I am routinely getting listed on's blacklist. I've gone through their guide on how to prevent this (lousy guid, btw) and am at a standstill. gave me the best description about it and it looks like my server does the proper notifications for bad emails. I really need...
  9. mooresites

    Processor Difference

    I'm at the top level VPS and am lovin' it. I was wondering, however, if a Hybrid offers a different processor speed (couldn't find in pricing). My RAM seems to be in check, but I didn't know if a Hybrid would give a good performance boost. Thanks for the excellent service.
  10. mooresites

    SSH Questions

    I'm familiarizing myself with SSH commands and was trying to make a command to find certain patterns across all clients. The "grep" command as I understand it finds patterns, but I can't did the right syntax. I'd like to find a file (i.e. File.php) across all clients. I tried "# grep...
  11. mooresites


    Very Excited / Burstable RAM Question I too was excited to see the change in the look of the site. I look forward to another great year with KnownHost and know they'll be as solid as ever for my business. One question: If I'm averaging 10 to 15% on my RAM anyway (I'm on a burstable plan)...