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  1. JenniferEklund

    Comment Spam, What is it? Why do I care?

    Thank you for this post!
  2. JenniferEklund

    AWeber or do I now have other options?

    Hi all! :) New to all this VPS stuff but so far I am SO happy with KH! In the wake of getting my SSL padlock to 'always' appear on all my pages I found some offending plugins namely Jetpack and my AWeber webform email subscription box. I was using their "easy" plugin that used one line of...
  3. JenniferEklund

    Force HTTPS

    Oh man -- I just spent most of my day fussing with this! If you are using Wordpress *make sure* that none of your plugins are interfering. Even after altering the htaccess file my "padlock" kept disappearing on the interior pages of my site. This was only happening in Firefox and IE9--...
  4. JenniferEklund

    SSL, the padlock, and Firefox

    I just wanted to post this because hopefully it will save somebody else the hours I just spent today trying to fix things with my site/SSL/and Firefox. After buying an SSL cert from GoDaddy and having the support team here install it yesterday, I had a bunch of problems getting the padlock to...
  5. JenniferEklund

    File permissions for upload folders specifically Wordpress

    I was having this exact same problem and was able to reference this thread to the support team and we got it fixed really quickly. Thanks for starting this conversation -- I imagine this is a topic that will come up often for a lot of people with Wordpress sites. ~Jen
  6. JenniferEklund

    name servers...

    Yes that makes sense and that's what I ended up doing. I added my KH "main" nameservers and both of my domains are pointing to that. All clear now -- I just thought the way you were referencing it that there was something that could have been set up in the WHM control panel or something like that.
  7. JenniferEklund

    Introduction and very happy so far!

    I just wanted to echo these sentiments. I kept seeing mention of KH over on the WebHostingTalk forums. I've been on sub-par shared hosting since 2004 :eek: and since my eCommerce site is finally picking up I decided to look for another option. I was scared to death about the migration...
  8. JenniferEklund

    name servers...

    I had this exact issue a couple days ago after signing up. Took me forever to find the "Add Host" widget hiding at the bottom of the GoDaddy Domain management page. Curious though Dan when you asked why we were using GoDaddy's DNS service instead of the one on our own VPS? Since I'm really...