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    Anyone using Flask? How does it work?

    I'd like to make some Flask websites and wonder if Flask plays well with a KH managed VPS package. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts/experience!
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    Anyone deploying Django websites?

    I've been KH for about three years know, really pleased with it. Now considering building some Django websites and wondering if many people are doing this and if Django plays well with the servers. I've seen that someone offers a WHM plugin for Django sites, don't know much about it but not...
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    Blockers for New Installations of cPanel & WHM

    Hi there! On this thread, cPanel has announced that to motivate admins to keep updating cPanel to recent versions, it will start blocking its installers when admins try to install to cPanel versions that are too old. At the moment: I don't understand the details, but this announcement makes me...