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  1. mooresites

    Thank you, KH!

    Hey, not sure what member to sent to for sending a shout out regarding the support team, so I'll just post to the lounge. I wanted to commend the support team for (again) going above and beyond on stuff that wasn't even in their description. They're just the best at what they do and I wanted to...
  2. mooresites

    Best Way to Backup

    What's the best method to back up MySQL databases nightly/weekly, etc.? Is it through DirectAdmin or phpmyadmin? Can you make a cron job and if so, how? Thanks for any info!
  3. mooresites


    I have a person who is emailing to one of my clients (and me as well to test) from a (Citibank) email address. My server is blocking that address with the following bounceback to the user: [my server IP] does not like recipient. Remote host said: 550 Email blocked by SORBS - to...
  4. mooresites

    I am routinely getting listed on's blacklist. I've gone through their guide on how to prevent this (lousy guid, btw) and am at a standstill. gave me the best description about it and it looks like my server does the proper notifications for bad emails. I really need...
  5. mooresites

    Processor Difference

    I'm at the top level VPS and am lovin' it. I was wondering, however, if a Hybrid offers a different processor speed (couldn't find in pricing). My RAM seems to be in check, but I didn't know if a Hybrid would give a good performance boost. Thanks for the excellent service.
  6. mooresites

    SSH Questions

    I'm familiarizing myself with SSH commands and was trying to make a command to find certain patterns across all clients. The "grep" command as I understand it finds patterns, but I can't did the right syntax. I'd like to find a file (i.e. File.php) across all clients. I tried "# grep...