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    VPS-2 account and current CPanel software demands

    Hi, I have a VPS-2 account, and pay for a CPanel, but apparently the current CPanel software (which appears to have been a no-option update) demands at least 2 GB RAM to work correctly, instead of the 1 GB RAM which comes with my server package. Consequently the server has multiple failures...
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    What can one do against this one? I'm told it affects Wordpress sites, but I couldn't find information how to protect the server. I'm talking about this one here: Main question: for how long do...
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    Loading Time of Knownhost pages

    Hi, something I noticed ever since you changed design is that the new page loads horridly slow for me, it's like treacle. I am (unfortunately) on ISDN access, so that means often waiting minutes for the page to build so far as to trigger the next link. Sometimes the load time exceeds browser...
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    Requirements met?

    Hi, does anyone know whether the following requirements are met on Knownhost servers? ========================================= MySQL Database Server 5.0 - the server - client programs PHP 5.2 including the modules -php-cli -php-mysql -php-gd Imagemagick Files must belong to...
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    Maillist server

    Hi, so far I always used hosts which had some sort of maillist server up and running for the use of shared/reseller clients who don't have the necessary root access to install such scripts themselves. The majority used GNU Mailman ( Upon...