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  1. TexasPrairieGal

    Need help... SSL confusion (and it doesn't take much!)

    Wow... It's been ages since I quietly snuck in the back door and openly admitted to my total and complete ignorance about something here. Today? It's all about SSL's... I signed up with KnownHost about 1 year ago... Aug2013. I have 3 ecommerce stores running and at that time I purchased a...
  2. TexasPrairieGal

    Are altered RPMs a bad thing???? (yep... me again...)

    Hi everybody!!! I just received another one of those emails that is totally Greek to me. I thought I would check in with y'all first about it... before I bugged support about it. I haven't touched anything or changed anything (wouldn't know how anyways) so not sure what this might be all about...
  3. TexasPrairieGal

    What in the heck does this mean???

    I just received an email from knownhost (I think???).... and I'm clueless what it means (but it sounds bad...). The subject line is: lfd on Excessive resource usage: dovecot (22083 (Parent PID:22077)) The content is: Time: Tue Nov 5 17:29:16 2013 -0500 Account: dovecot...
  4. TexasPrairieGal

    SSL question(s)

    Goodness... I hope I can ask my question(s) so they make sense... Y'all have been so helpful with all my other questions, this is probably easy stuff for you (teeth-grinding for me)... Soooo... I'm setting up 3 ecommerce stores using OpenCart and their multi-store functionality. Each store...
  5. TexasPrairieGal

    Feeling dumb - How do I set up email?

    Hi guys... it's me again! I have VPS-SSD hosting. HOW do I create email addresses in the cPanel? I can't figure out where to start.. **sigh** (I heard that laughing, too...!!!)
  6. TexasPrairieGal

    How many separate websites can I have?

    OMG, I don't even know how to ask this question. Hubby "tried" to explain things but then he started talking about parked, primary, masking, forwarding and I'm clueless (either he knows even less than I do... or doesn't understand what I'm asking... or I'm even more dense about this stuff than...
  7. TexasPrairieGal

    Me again... getting toes wet now (sort of)

    Yep... it's me again with another probably silly question. I've familiarized myself with the billing side... now I want to start looking around in my SSD-2 package. Before I login, could someone please explain the difference between a cPanel and a Power Panel? As I slooooowly get myself up and...
  8. TexasPrairieGal

    Brand new with a silly question

    Hi everyone! I am so excited about being here! I've just signed up for my very first ever hosting (I've never even seen a cPanel before, so this should be a real thrill-ride for me!!!). I'm hoping that y'all don't mind a little hand-holding from time to time. Hopefully one of these days I'll...