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  1. Neal

    UK or EU Hosting

    I'd really would like KnownHost to start offering services in the UK or other places in the EU. Do you think this would be possible in the near future?
  2. Neal

    East Coast - Sites running very slowly

    For some reason over the last couple of days all my websites hosted at the East Coast data centre have been taking a while to load. Nothing has changed with what I'm running on the websites but clicking a link on them takes 10+ seconds to process the request. Any information as to what could...
  3. Neal

    Sub-domain Advice - Stop access to sub-folder directly

    I want to create a sub-domain for one of my sites. I can do this but the site can be viewed by going directly to the sub-folder, eg.: can also be viewed by going to Would this cause an issue with Google, etc? How can I redirect those going...
  4. Neal

    East Coast Down?

    Is the East Coast DC having problems? None of my sites control panels will load / connect.
  5. Neal

    Eager to get started

    Just purchased a VPS-2 package and very eager to start moving sites over to you before the weekend ends. Any chance someone could have a look at the account? Been with you before but moved to a UK host just for speed. Decided to come back to KnownHost :)
  6. Neal

    VPS-2 Plan

    I'm looking at the VPS-2 plan but just have a question. I'm running two forums, one on XenForo and one on Invision (This will change to XenForo at some point). They both have image galleries and some add-ons. I also have some basic websites that I will have on the VPS (No forums, scripts...