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    KnownHost Santa to Deliver Free Upgrade

    Thanks! Thanks for my Christmas pressie, KH, much appreciated! Have a good one! Peter.
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    KnownHost's Santa 2010 Wishlist

    Thanks, KH Santa, for the awesome upgrades! KH continues to prove itself to be the best in the business. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    KnownHost's Santa 2010 Wishlist

    Ho Ho Ho My VPS wrote an email to Santa requesting a RAM increase. :)
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    Joomla Driving Me CrAzY! Permissions/Ownership Problem

    Scottie, I had permission problems with Joomla (and, in fact, many other things) until I turned suPHP on. I can't say that it would definitely solve your problem but it may be something to consider. Peter.
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    Apache user is "nobody"? Wordpress permissions issue

    Hi Robert, I believe you need to add suPHP into your Apache build. This allows Apache to execute PHP scripts as the account owner. Peter.