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    Looking for KH management

    Hey all Can someone tell me how to contact KH management? I see a few KH staff on these forums, but I specifically want to contact someone in management. Thanks PM
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    Mobile email software

    Hey all, I have an increasing number of clients trying to access their emails via mobile technology, such as Iphones, mobile phones etc. Are there any email packages I could load on my VPS to give mobile access ie: pages designed for mobile access so that the entire page doesn't scroll into...
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    Suggestions for New Site

    If I go directly to the original link it's all left centered, but if I access the page via the "Fully Managed" link on then it opens as a pop up, which I believe is the intended behaviour. Pete
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    Suggestions for New Site

    On the page there is a grammatical error: Purchase Upgrades All upgrades can be purchased simple by emailing our sales team. Should say simply.....
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    Diskspace blowout

    Hey all, My diskspace is gradually increasing and I need to reign it in. Any suggestions on where I delete unnecessary files? I've got logs under control and by my calculations I should have several gig free, but I'm up to 93% (of my 10 gig). Thanks Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    My load graph shows a drastic improvement in loads as at 4:30 PM, AEST. I checked my trace route and I see that I've been moved. Thanks for the excellent service. Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Thanks for the update Paul, much appreciated. Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Paul, Is there any update on this server? Here is a load graph from today. At about 9 pm (Australian Eastern Summer Time) it went to high loads again. I saw loads in excess of 9 which brought the VPS to it's knees. Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Paul Thanks for your reply, I've just read the ticket response that you sent me. I'm glad that you're on top of the issue. All the best, Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Hey all, I'm currently experiencing intermittent load issues on vz01-la - I've submitted a support ticket, but every time I've had load issues in the last 12 months it has always been server wide ie: affecting all VPS's on the node. Is anyone else on that node having load issues? Pete
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    neurotic question

    I can't see any way in which KH would list domains they host or who their customers are, that would be a massive breach of privacy and is not something I've had any issues with since I joined all that time ago. Are you saying that you personally don't want to be identifiable, or that you don't...
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    Photo Upload Errors

    upload_max_filesize = 5M should be in php.ini - log in via shell, execute command updatedb (which will refresh the file listings) then after the db update has finised type in locate php.ini You might have a few of them on your system, so you'll need to work out which one is the live one. Do a...
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    Ban IP Adress

    If you are using configserver firewall you can block specific IP addresses - I presume she has a static IP address?
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    Need a site check please

    Very slow from south eastern Australia, about 20 seconds or more before the page starts coming up. Pete
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    putting one of my forums in different server

    Set it up on the second server as something like, then add an A record on the first (main) server which points forum ( to the second server. I'm pretty sure that would work ok. Pete
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    Aussie_boy - I got the PM with your URL and I've checked it on and off - no issues from here and comes up lightning fast. If you checked my site a few days ago when you were having issues, and everything worked fine, then I'd strongly suggest moving to the LA datacentre. The network itself...
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    Aussie Boy If you want to PM me some website links I can try some pings and traces from here. I'm in Southern Victoria running on the internode network. My VPS servers are in the LA datacentre and running like a dream. Pete
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    Setting up DNS

    If you do a check here: you can see the dns as it updates world wide. If you are still going to your old host I'd say that the dns has been cached on your system.
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    Considering Knownhost for Aus & U.S sites

    Hey Netbuddy, I'm running out of the LA datacentre. From South Eastern Australia (Victoria) I'm getting pings of 177 ms. Can't speak highly enough of the quality of the servers here, the uptime is really good and the sites and forums that I host run really fast. The 320 mb will be plenty...
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    cPanel VPS Optimized

    You're probably talking about 26th June? Here are my 1 minute graphs for that date from the same two VPS's. [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: