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  1. WRMercier

    Guides for DirectAdmin?

    I to have made the switch after 10 years with KH and cPanel to DA. Am struggling but learning more as I explore. Is there a really good YouTube Video or text doc tutorial that could guide me through the steep learning curve? Support is always there but I try to keep HELP tickets to a minimum so...
  2. WRMercier

    Upcoming changes to legacy MVPS package

    Sorry! But confused regarding the upcoming changes to legacy MVPS package? I currently have the MVPS-1 package including cPanel which cost me $34 per month that I pay annually $408. With the upcoming change, 01/01/2022 what will I be paying should I continue as is? How much if I drop cPanel and...
  3. WRMercier

    PHP Upgrade

    What is the consensus on upgrading to PHP 7.3? Is this something best left to Support? I read the WHM "How To" and it looks a bit intimidating. At this junction, how likely is it to have an adverse effect on current websites? Thanks in advance for your input, advice, suggestions and recommendations.
  4. WRMercier

    Santas Sleigh

    Has Santa dropped by the data centers to add any gifts for the GOOD Boys and Girl that are loyal KnownHost customers?
  5. WRMercier

    CentOS Recommendation on WHM Page

    I have recently been seeing a STRONG recommendation at the top of my WHM page to upgrade to CentOS 6 (Support says 7.1 now offered). I contacted Support regarding implementing this recommendation. I was told that I would need to get a new server that has an newer OS on it. To do so, I would have...
  6. WRMercier

    Blog Program

    Gang; I have a customer who needs me to provide a simple Blog set up for his website. I have no experience with this whatsoever. Could someone offer a suggestion as to a simple to set up Blog software program, preferably a FREEBI?. Thanks in advance for any info and advice.
  7. WRMercier

    SpamAssassin Spam Box Spam Folder

    Due to a recent email problem, KH Support recommended discontinuing use of Box Trapper and rather enabling Apache SpamAssassin. This corrected my email problem but I would now like to monitor the Spam emails for a while to make sure SpamAssassin does not delete msgs from addresses it perceives...
  8. WRMercier

    PHP Program Failure

    I recently purchased a simple little PHP Events Calendar program. The install program instructions are very minimal but instructs to up load a directory as well as a file.php. No suggestions as to permissions etc. It has an install handler. I create the MySql as needed and when I run the install...
  9. WRMercier

    Problem Accessing WHM or cPanel Using Win 8.1 IE

    Am in the process of setting up a new Win 8.1 computer. On my old WinXP I can access my WHM by simply going to, entering my User and Password in either Internet Explorer as well as Chrome. Ditto opening my cPanel by going to When I...
  10. WRMercier

    KH Support Rocks ! ! !

    Wow! Submitted ticket at 0610. Jeremy A. in Support responded at 0615 that he had attended to my support request. Some complain they want Phone Support. Try getting 5 minute support over the phone. eMail Support and Jeremy A. Rock at KH. Thanks ! ! !
  11. WRMercier

    Eliminating Default Page Once Site Terminated

    I have terminated a website hosting and parked the domain. Now when I enter this domain name into my web browser, it returns a default page and still references the domain name as if it may be a temporary problem and recommends contacting the hosting provider. I would prefer that some...
  12. WRMercier

    Cron Daemon Daily Email Update

    I daily received a canned email msg entitled Cron Daemon which appears to be sent from my Although I don’t even run any Cron jobs It is loaded with all kinds of updates and info that are meaningless to me. My question is what exactly is this daily update telling me and...
  13. WRMercier

    WHM Password Lost

    Attempted to change WHM password using the generated password option. For some unknown reason it didn’t work and I inadvertently failed to save it. Now I am unable to log into my WHM account. Tried to submit a support ticket but it keeps giving me a “missing field” msg even though all fields are...
  14. WRMercier

    Wild Cards with BoxTrapper

    Got a BoxTrapper question. Is it possible to use wild cards? Spammers are getting creative and using subdomains with their domain names which is making it hard to police them. (i.e. and . What I’d like to do is Blacklist or Ignore...
  15. WRMercier

    Fraudulent Activity-Phishing Sites On My Sites

    Panic Time ! ! ! I have received 3 notices from KnownHost Abuse concerning Fraudulent Activity with 3 of my hosted websites. I have responded to the KH Abuse and suspended each of these sites but since they are for customers, I understandably need to get them back on line asap. In reading the...
  16. WRMercier

    AOL EMail Bomb - Failed Msgs

    Am having a problem that started this past weekend. Some time ago I activated the SpamAssasin and BoxTrapper for my personal email account. Per BoxTrapper instructions I went about the task of adding trusted domains to my WhiteList including .+\@aol\.com. This past weekend, I started receiving...
  17. WRMercier

    New KH VPS Report

    I’m definitely a certified newbie with KH VPS but I want to tell any of you sitting on the fence to make the move. I flipped between Reseller Shared Providers for several years. Some were bad from the start. Some were good initially but then fell from grace after the honeymoon. Feeling the heat...
  18. WRMercier

    PLESK - cPanel Migration Questions

    Understandably the best migration scenario would be to go From and To same type controls panels. (i.e. cPanel to cPanel, PLESK to PLESK) Unfortunately my current hosting utilizes PLESK and I would prefer to choose cPanel/WHM with my new KH VPS hosting package. Migration transfer would have to be...