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    cPremote or WHMEasyBackup?

    So here's a roundabout way to accomplish my goals in case anyone comes along later and wants to do something similar. I'm sure there's something faster and easier that automates a lot of this but for now it works... NOTE: You'll want to have configured backups correctly via Cpanel WHM for this...
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    cPremote or WHMEasyBackup?

    Thanks Dan, I manage about 12 different servers and generate frequent local backups for each one. In addition to the KnownHost VPS there are 11 HostGator and Bluehost servers that I'm slowly migrating over to KH. With the BH and HG servers I am able to download a single backup file for each...
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    cPremote or WHMEasyBackup?

    Thanks owine, I've seen details about backups involving cloud solutions, including backups involving rsync and r1soft. Your s3cmd tool might be another good choice for anyone wanting to backup files online. However, I need to download all VPS files to a local computer, not another online...
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    cPremote or WHMEasyBackup?

    Hey there, does anyone have any experience using cPremote or WHMEasyBackup on a KnownHost VPS / Cpanel WHM? I'm looking for a simple solution to download a .zip file that contains a complete backup of all account data (files...
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    Recent Wordpress Vulnerabilities - Brute Force Login and Cache

    Hello, I've been reading about two fairly major Wordpress exploits recently, do you have any recommendations for these? I'm a KnownHost VPS customer. The first involves wp-login.php and brute force attacks. Does a KnownHost firewall automatically block the bots that are taking advantage of...
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    suPHP vs. FastCGI

    Hey all, My existing KnownHost VPS plan has 3GB of memory and 8 cores. I'm moving dozens of average traffic sites over from shared hosting to this new VPS and, on my shared hosting platform, the sites were using FastCGI. My KnownHost VPS is currently configured as suPHP, but support has...