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    Meaning of CPU Equal Share?

    I came from a VPS host that offers VPS plans with certain CPU cores (e.g. 1 core, 2 core, etc.). Now that I'm happily migrated to Knownhost, I want to know how do you define equal share of CPU? I can't really see the real definition of how equal share works in your site, it would be nice if you...
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    Proactive Monitoring Support ?

    What is the current view of the directors of Knownhost about the possibility of offering Proactive Monitoring ? Some VPS hosts have this feature. This would be a great benefit, for example, my VPS or a site experienced a downtime, and If I was away (on a long week vacation) and/or sleeping, the...
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    How often should you do Graceful Server Reboot?

    Under WHM -->Security Center --> Security Advisor. There's an error saying: ===== Detected processes that are running outdated binary executables. Reboot the system in the “Graceful Server Reboot” area. Alternatively, SSH into this server and run ‘/bin/needs-restarting’, then manually restart...