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    VPS L out preforms VPS Triple X

    Hi I just conducted a benchmark between Knownhot VPS L and VPS Triple X and the results are disturbing. Both VPSes are identically configured in regard to services running, packages installed, and control panels (cPanel). The only difference between the two is that the VPS L is running a FTP...
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    splitting up to multiple VPSes

    Hi I currently have one VPS (Triple X) that is running DNS, HTTP, Mail, MySQL, and a few other things like cPanel, spamd, and etc. As indicated above, I do have all my eggs in one basket. While the VPS is running extremely well, I do notice that there are some resource hogs to the likes of...
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    Adding to the Knownhost Knowledgebase

    Hi Is it possible to add an article or two (or three) to the knowledgebase? I'd like to contribute a few articles about mod-security, ssh, eAccelorator, and other useful articles for people running a VPS. Thanks
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    Upgrading VPS package

    Hi, I'm curious to know how much does an upgrade of package affect my VPS? For example, if I were to upgrade from VPS L to VPS Triple X, would my VPS be moved to another server or does it stay where it is? I am extremely happy with my VPS's performance. Thanks.