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    Can't connect to mysql using ssh tunnel

    This is going to be something stupid, but I've wasted way too much time on this. On my VPS, it seems I can no longer connect to mysql using the account's username. I know I used to be able to do this, and I can still do this on my dedicated. But for the life of me I can't get it to work...
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    IPV6 ping and traceroute fail for all IPs

    I'm having some issues and I *think* i've traced it down to some IPv6 issues. I've been trying to use ping and traceroute to test these issues, but can't seem to do either on any v6 addresses even though I have v6 interfaces. Should I be able to? I can ping6 my local IPV6 address, but...
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    Repartitioning second drive

    I have an SSD dedicated with a second 1TB drive. The second drive I use for backup storage (before it goes to S3) and for dev sites as to not fill the smaller SSD. I originally made a 48GB partition for backups and the rest of the 1TB is mounted as /home2. 48GB for backups is no longer enough...
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    Packet loss TX

    I've had very high packet loss for the past 12+ minutes. Dedicated is unreachable.
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    Any KH customer want a couple of hosting clients?

    If this isn't appropriate, mods, please delete. I host a few small websites (wordpress, etc) and it's not worth my time at this scale. I have a more than full time job and hosting didn't make enough to cover the cost of the accountant so I'm trying to shut down that company. I'll be keeping my...
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    Random outages

    Past couple of days I've had random outages of my dedicated. Pingdom was alerting me but it would come back in a few minutes and I wasn't in front of a computer able to test. It went out again and I did some tracerts. I got some weird results I've never seen before. From my office, while...
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    Using Gmail SMTP for server generated emails

    We use google apps for our email and we use MailChimp for our newsletters. But recently the emails sent from the server (form the cart) are being delayed by gmail because they are claiming we are sending too much spam. 2015-10-27 15:30:18 SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data...
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    Unable to reach csf download server

    For the past few days I've been getting the following csf error from the cron on my dedicated server. Oops: Unable to download: Can't connect to (No route to host) I found this lone thread about the issue I get a...
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    Glue records?

    I am migrating a few sites from a KH VPS to a KH dedicated. The VPS had the private name servers, as well as hosted the web page at I moved everything over and it's runnig, but having some issues with dns propagation. I already had previously set...
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    ChkServd still complaining about disk space

    Seems the server doesn't completely know about Santa's gift. Percentage Full: [Broken External...
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    Packet loss

    I seem to be experiencing some packet loss on SSD09. Usually you guys are on top of things like this so I wonder if it's something else or just a very low level of packet loss that isn't throwing flags. It's a VPS account thats only a few days old and has one test site on it with zero load...
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    I noticed my VPS's were patched (at least with the initial patch)...was that the OS patching itself, cPanel, or KH?
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    Don't require root password just to look into a ticket

    I submitted a ticket today because the server load was very high. Now of course the first thing I do when I see high load is to see if there is a reason for it in my VPS. I felt from what I could tell, it wasn't my VPS causing the issue, so I submitted a ticket asking to look into the SSD14...
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    SimFS exploit

    I assume this is something KH will take care of (if required)...? From HostingSecList: SimFS (VZ / OpenVZ) Urgent Action Required Looks like there is already a public exploit for the SimFS (VZ / OpenVZ) vulnerabilities that were disclosed today. The exploit will allow a malicious user to...
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    Tip: Programmatically telling what node you are on

    I wrote a little monitoring script that gives me a web page with server stats. One thing it lists is the KH node since I like to know if my VPS's were moved as well as to know when I should pay attention to network announcements. I use the following php to get the node. $vz =...
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    SSD High Load

    Just move to an SSD server and it's significantly faster. I monitor load on my severs and all of a sudden load went through the roof. Page response was very slow. But nothing is going on! Whats up with that! top - 13:46:58 up 5 days, 18:02, 1 user, load average: 5.38, 3.79, 1.94 Tasks...
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    WHMCS Security Patch Available now

    Not sure why I didn't get notification (From either WHMCS or KH) about this but there is a security patch available released on the 3rd. I'm subscribed to WHMCS announcements, but they didn't announce it, they just posted a follow up to the announcement that was never sent.. Announcement...
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    moving VPS's without telling customer

    A few weeks ago when I was having load problems I did a tracert and is said I was on VZ63. Up to that point, I was sure I was on VZ24. Today I'm on VZ15. Do you guys move VPSs around without notifying us? If I don't know what server I'm on because you move them around, how am I supposed to...
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    So, the email that just went out had subscription links to re-subscribe to the network status forums. The problem is it allows you to "subscribe" without actually logging in to the forum. It does not throw an error or make you log in, just looks like you subscribed, but you didn't.
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    Ok, I might have just made that up, but for the past two days I've been experiencing a distributed brute force attack. Yeah sure I get messages from cphulk once in a while like: 5 failed login attempts to account thompson (system) -- Large number of attempts from this IP: