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    Extra HDD Space slider under Configurable Options not working?

    I'm trying to add additional disk space using the Configurable Options link under my account but the slider doesn't seem to be working. I tried it both with Chrome and Edge.
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    Looking for suggestion on secure email provider that could work with our hosted domains.

    Looking for leads or pointers to secure email providers that are HIPAA compliant. We would like to be able to utilize our existing domains if at all possible. Thanks!
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    DNS question... yes, another one :)

    I've set up domains before using my VPS DNS but this new one we setup looks a bit different than my previously established domains. When I looked at Godaddy's domain detail under the DNS Zone File tab, I have A, CName, MX entries even though in the domain Settings tab I have set the Nameservers...
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    Leasing additional IPs for each domain

    Hi, I host business domains in my VPS and when one PC within that domain gets infected by a trojan all of the domains gets affected when the IP address ends up in a blacklist. My solution to this would be to lease an IP for each domain I host so that everyone is on their own. Does this sound...
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    Uhm.. how do you reset the password Support Ticketing

    I forgot my password but I don't see a way of resetting my password to check/submit support tickets. Thanks!