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    VPS L out preforms VPS Triple X

    Hi I just conducted a benchmark between Knownhot VPS L and VPS Triple X and the results are disturbing. Both VPSes are identically configured in regard to services running, packages installed, and control panels (cPanel). The only difference between the two is that the VPS L is running a FTP...
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    splitting up to multiple VPSes

    Hi I currently have one VPS (Triple X) that is running DNS, HTTP, Mail, MySQL, and a few other things like cPanel, spamd, and etc. As indicated above, I do have all my eggs in one basket. While the VPS is running extremely well, I do notice that there are some resource hogs to the likes of...
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    Adding to the Knownhost Knowledgebase

    Hi Is it possible to add an article or two (or three) to the knowledgebase? I'd like to contribute a few articles about mod-security, ssh, eAccelorator, and other useful articles for people running a VPS. Thanks
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    eAccelorator problems

    Hi all, eAccelerator is working great on my VPS. I opted to put the settings in my php.ini file and works flawlessly w/ Zend. The Zend optimizer should come first, and eAccelerator after Zend. Here is a very simple and easy to understand howto for those interested: Opcode Cache for Dummies...
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    Dedicated Server Options

    Sorry, but the Triple X plan is far from a good alternative to a dedicated server. I'm on the Triple X plan and I suffer regularly from having to share resources with others on my node. I think you guys are incredible, but the VPS solution is burdened with the fact that users have to share...
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    chmod permissions

    Hi A couple of questions for you... 1) You say that the permissions aren't changed to 777 - what are the permissions being changed to? Are the directories' perms being changed at all or are they maintaining the umask? 2) Without seeing more of the script, I can't see if there is a...
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    My site's running like a dog, but my stats are green?

    The problem you're probably experiencing is the problem that we all suffer from.... Shared Resources! You're noticing lag and slow response times because other people on the server are using the same resources that you are (disk, cpu, and memory resources) at the same time. Unfortunately this...
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    SSH questions.

    You'd be able to run some shell commands; jailshell would limit the commands that you could run. "Next with the keys." I'm guessing that you want to automate the connection to your VPS via ssh. To begin setting this up, you need to create an SSH key pair, which consists of public and...
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    Email List Suggestion Please

    You should do a search for "newsletters" and "mailinglists" packages at: and The above search results look...
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    Newbie VPS Setup

    WebHostingTalk Forums is a good place to start. There are several posts on VPS Tutorials and there's a "HOW TO: Secure and Optimize your VPS". You can find the posts at: Hope this helps. k l u r t
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    SSH questions.

    You can disable root login via ssh by editing your sshd_config file. Open your /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and look for the line that has: PermitRootLogin You'll need to uncomment it (remove the # at the beginning of the line) and add "no" to the end of the line: PermitRootLogin no...
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    Making my IP address resolve to my hostname

    all internet accessible hosts are expected to have a reverse DNS entry (per RFC1912 2.1), and many mailservers will likely block e-mail from mailservers with no reverse dns entry.
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    Upgrading VPS package

    Thanks for your prompt response. Any chance vz07 would allow for the resource allocation of such an upgrade? vz07 and I have developed such a nice relationship - I'd hate to have to leave her. :)
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    Upgrading VPS package

    Hi, I'm curious to know how much does an upgrade of package affect my VPS? For example, if I were to upgrade from VPS L to VPS Triple X, would my VPS be moved to another server or does it stay where it is? I am extremely happy with my VPS's performance. Thanks.
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    My Account Has Been Hacked!

    *plonk* a big *plonk* to you preacherherb!!!
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    cPanel security update

    Thank you!!! I just read about the cPanel exploit and the Hostgator mess. I ran /scripts/upcp and I am also glad to see that Knownhost is on top of this. BTW.. everyone should have upcp run as a daily cron job!!! Thanks for looking out for us! Keep up the great work!