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    RAM questions

    I believe KH VPS does not use burst RAM. Is this correct? Also, does KH use SLM RAM? Thanks.
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    How to tell what node your on?

    How do I find out what node my VPS is on? I can't remember. Thanks.
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    package Installation Help Please

    Ok, so instead of having KH install RKHunter for me, I decided to learn how to manage my VPS. :D I have some good instructions on how to download, install, and run RKHunter but I can't find out what directory I should install the package in. Where should the program be installed? Is there a...
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    Difficulty of managed VPS

    Hi. I have some experience with Linux. I have installed and played around with a a few distros as well as FreeBSD but I am by no means a system admin and not very well versed in ssh and the command line other than simple navigation and some package updating. I am thinking about a VPS vs...