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    Php 5.3

    I tried to search for this, but was unsuccessful. Will all servers be upgrading to 5.3 or will we be given an option? If there is a sticky someplace on KnownHost, please post it. Thanks! -chaddro
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    File Permissions, Ownership and Nobody

    Having a little trouble with tech support, so I just wanted to verify my understanding here. I am a unix noob, so please be patient with me :rolleyes:! To make a LOOOONG story short: Tech recompiles apache to enable FastCGI so I could also use xcache. But now I'm getting "permissions" problems...
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    Help Understanding IP Configuration

    When I signed up knownhost gave me two ips: and when you type in our domain name or you go to our website. when you type in you get the apache welcome page. is also our host.<domain-name>.com I have set up our spf records...
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    Modifying httpd.conf Settings

    Yesterday when my server hit 100% (again) I checked top through ssh and I had about a dozen httpd threads running all over 12%. I checked to see what was going on and it turns out google, yahoo, msn and another bot all decided to crawl my site at the same time :eek:! I waited till it looked...
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    Memory Woes

    I have a vps-Lca plan with 256mb of memory and cpanel. We have about 30 e-mail addresses, and unfortunately we DO need a spam filter, aka SpamAssassin. I know SpamAssassing is a resourse hog, but I don't know of any other options. The site itself is php/mysql driven with a zencart back-end...
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    Outgoing Mail Port 25

    Hi All! New VPS customer here! I have a quick question... I just moved our company's website from bluehost to knownhost. When we were at bluehost, the outgoing mail port was configured to use port 26. Bluehost said that port 25 is often blocked as spam, and that it is an old default. What...