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    Installing APF into a CPanel server

    Port 20 were missing in EG_UDP_CPORTS="20,21,53,873,953,6277" so I added it there, but FTP still doesn't work - anyone? John
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    Installing APF into a CPanel server

    Problem loggin' in with FTP Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I installed APF on a VPS and everything works fine. I can access WHM, cPanel, SSH, send mail etc. except for FTP which has suddenly stopped working. I have double checked and port 21 is correctly set all places in conf.apf. Does...
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    Litespeed offering?

    Litespeed for Magento I would also be very interested in Litespeed. I would like to use Magento eCommerce which should run better on Litespeed than on Apache. John