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    Centos 64 bit

    Hi, I just realized today when i run mysqltuner. I got this warning: [!!] Switch to 64-bit OS - MySQL cannot currently use all of your RAM Is it true that mysql only support 2GB for 32bit CentOS ? Is it possible that KH provide 64bit CentOS for packages that have more than 2GB memory ?
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    status page for knownhost server

    hi, it would be good if knownhost can come up with a page to show all the server/vps status whether running or down.. just a suggestion
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    dedi server

    hi, looking at your cp1 and cp2 plan for managed dedicated, is it a server or a pc for normal use ? do you offer ECC ram ? what is the different between xeon 3450 and xeon E5620 ? thanks
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    hi, is there something wrong with vz-90tx now ?