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  1. marcacer

    Keeping IP when moving from VPS to Cloud or NVMe

    Why can't we not keep our IP when we would like to go to migrate to another KH server. It should be possible, since a lot of internal software etc are using the IP. Becasue of this, we cannot mve over to another type of server. KH should really be able for users to keep the IP as long as it's a...
  2. marcacer

    Why is NVMe Hosting cheaper then KH Cloud Hosting

    NVMe has Same/higher specs, but cheaper in price. Why is this? Can we easy switch from KH Cloud to NVMe without migration?
  3. marcacer

    Advise Server that is using Bandwidth

    Guys, My streaming server is using +- 8GB on bandwidth. I'm on the old plan. I'm using less then 10GB on Diskspace, and Less then 2.5 GB Memory. Since it's only using Bandwidth. I'm hosting over 4 years here and it's been good. But the bandwidth keeps increasing and on the new SSD plans, the...
  4. marcacer

    Abuse/Compromised site Suggestions

    When 1 of the sites on the server is Compromised is would be better to suspend the SITE and not the whole SERVER including all accounts that has nothing to do with the domain in case. I have servers at 3 locations, including KH. But when a user sites gets Compromised KH is the only Host that...
  5. marcacer

    Wordpress Support

    Hi Team, As you know hosting support changes, services changes and word-press is the new 'thing' at this moment. I see that KH now also offers Managed Wordpress Plans. However, when I have have a wordpress issue on my Managed VPS Plan I always get : "Wordpress is best effort and is technically...
  6. marcacer

    Customer Support - Migration Advertising

    If a customer chose your company and you advertise: With so many hosting companies to choose from, we at KnownHost want to make this important decision as easy as possible. We are able to offer free migration services when transferring from one of the following supported control panels. cPanel...
  7. marcacer

    Renewal Invoice

    VIP Resellers (20+ Server) comment: I have an invoice with 2 separate servers. If I would like to make a payment for 1 server, It's not possible with the new billing system. (?) So when this invoice is due, you suspend BOTH Servers, even when I made a manual payment through PayPal a week ago...
  8. marcacer

    Bug: Live Chat

    Just wanted to report that the "Sales Chat" button is not working inside 'My account' It gives a 404 page. The Sales Chat is working fine on the main homepage.
  9. marcacer

    Servername or IP, or Domain in Invoices

    Feedback/Suggestion When sensing invoices notifications: If you are having a lot of servers at KH, it would provide us better overview to include the server description or name in the invoice. Also, when a server gets suspended, you don't know which server KH is referring to. I need to manual...
  10. marcacer

    Support Type offered

    The support response time is very very very good! my compliments. I have over 22+ servers at KH. You guys are here (within 1 minute, often within 30 seconds) when I open a case. I'm also longer then a year with you guys and plan to stay! However I also have some servers at other 2 other...
  11. marcacer

    Autoclose Ticket

    Why cannot we reopen tickets that are auto closed? Some issues come back (specially after the admin says 'let me know if this happens again' and then we are not able to reopen the ticket. My last experience: I had a spam issue (receiving so much spam in our inbox), and we needed some days to...