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    how to resell vps

    When you place a support ticket, you give them the pertinent ssh info.
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    Wordpress group/user issue

    For either DSO or suPHP (or any other handler), files should be 644 and folder 755 - period.
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    Users cannot access Site, but I can?

    That's much better. Nice find. Do you still have hair? :D
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    Users cannot access Site, but I can?

    Top is showing 95.7% idle. Cpu(s): 3.0%us, 1.4%sy, 0.0%ni, 95.7%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st Have you submitted an official support ticket?
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    Users cannot access Site, but I can?

    It just timed out for me a couple of times and then displayed. Perhaps you are running out of memory?
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    Monitoring Service

    You are correct. KnownHost monitors the node, not individual VPS on the node. But KnownHost VPS setups are very good and you should not have a problem. Monitor your memory usage and upgrade when applicable. Services like Pingdom can notify you by text when they find a service down on your VPS.
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    dedi server

    This may help.
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    Main Site Down? Or is it Just me?

    Sure. You can whine all you want tough guy.
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    Main Site Down? Or is it Just me?

    Yes, and in a perfect world, that would never have happened. Sorry you can't grasp that.
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    Main Site Down? Or is it Just me?

    Whoa, 11 minutes. That must have been a terrible time for you. :D
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    How to backup your VPS

    KnownHost performs backups that only their techs have access to. They will restore the entire container to a point in time. You should provide your own backups in case you want to restore individual files or accounts instead of the entire container.
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    VPS for shared hosting, abuse monitor.

    Your control panel and WHM should give you RAM usage per account, as well.
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    FTP Connection (moved to a separate thread)

    You have to first have a cPanel account set up in WHM to access that account via FTP. To do this, use your browser to access your WHM as per the email instructions.
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    SSH Auto Email.

    Open a support ticket for them to change the address.
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    SSH Auto Email.

    I believe that's a CSF function. You don't want to disable that as it is always a good idea to know when and what IP is accessing your VPS so you can take appropriate action if you're VPS is compromised.
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    So if it's managed, do I get root?

    You can have managed or unmanaged VPS. You can order cPanel/WHM if you like. Managed servers require cPanel. You have full root access either way.
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    WHY KH guy is not able to login on my VPS

    I was thinking the same thing. Have you denied all IP's but your IP in Host Access Control?
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    RAM questions

    OK. Thanks for the clarification, Joel.
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    RAM questions

    So KH does use SLM. Does that mean I should not run out of memory and serve blank pages because SLM memory management shuts down processes? I don't have any problems with my VPS. I'm just trying to wrap my head around SLM. Thanks.
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    RAM questions

    Thanks, Dan. That's what I thought.