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    howto: Upgrade ClamAV

    I've noticed that cPanel's update system doesn't bother to upgrade clamAV so here is a quick upgrading guide taken from * Download the latest stable ClamAV distribution from ( * Expand the...
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    How Do You Monitor Services?

    This morning I woke up to find my server had had a 10 hour downtime because HTTPD failed. This is a big problem, specially for a webhost! I'm wondering if theres any scripts out there that can help internally monitor running services and restart any that fail? All the ones I've come across just...
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    Bounced Emails

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew about this. I've just received a bounced email which a customer's php script tried to send, it would probably be alot better if the customer actually received it rather than me. I assume it's something to do with the exim config? Is there anyway to return the...
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    Hey I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck getting Eximscan to work nicely on any cPanel VPS? I've configured it to run with clamav but it delays all mail going in and out by anything from half an hour to several hours. It seems like it's more hassle than its worth. Has anyone got any better...