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    Users cannot access Site, but I can?

    Hello, Recently I've been getting quite a bit of users emailing me about my websites poor performance. They say they constantly cannot access the website (Getting timeouts) and slow responses when the connection is initiated. Every time I access the website from my laptop on my home network...
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    DNS Concerns

    Hello, I recently performed a 'dig' on my domain name and it returned with: ;; QUESTION SECTION: ; IN A ;; ANSWER SECTION: 14400 IN A ;; AUTHORITY SECTION: 86400 IN NS
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    Half my site has been taken down

    So, I casually opened up my website to find that over 50GB of Data and 90% my HTML/PHP have been stripped from my website. Getting a shit load of angry emails from my users. Not to happy. What is a boy to do when a situation like this happens?
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    Installing DPKG onto VPS2

    Hi There, I need some help installing the command DPKG onto my VPS. When I run Dpkg in SSH it returns: -bash: line 7: dpkg: command not found What are the steps to installing dpkg on my vps (it's running CentOS)? I also need to use Dpkg from my PHP code. eg: exec ("dpkg -i file.deb") Thanks.
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    FrontPage Extentions causing Grief

    FrontPage Extensions causing Grief Hi There, After me and Support toiling away for 1 day and countless amount of emails, it seems like this problem will never be solved.. Here is the problem. I just moved from shared hosting to a KnownHost VPS, all the files have been transffered and I have...
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    php moving files and permissions

    Hey there, I just upgraded from shared to KH VPS.. Now my website's code seems to be broken in some place (which I have come to expect). The most puzzling is this error: It seems like a permission problem. I understand that I can change the permissions to allow 'other' write permissions, but...
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    Forum and Billing Account Merger

    I know this is difficult, but It would of been nice to have one login/password that works throughout KnownHost. Even in the forums. I know KH is using ModernBill and vBForums for their billing and forums respectively, but I'm sure their is some way of replicating data entries. Just a suggestion!