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    htaccess alias

    Hello, I am trying to alias dynamic urls for SEO. I think I can do this with htaccess but get an error with the code below. Alias /store/prod-info.php?id=2 /best-chardonnay-2009.php Is anyone familiar with setting this up? Your input is appreciated. Mike
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    awstats for everyone

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to give access to awstats so that no username or password is required. I have done this with webalizer but can't seem to figure out awstats. Thanks, Mike
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    Roundcube Cache/Ghost headers

    I've noticed old message headers will show up in the inbox of Roundcube. There is no message when I try to read it, just the header. Refreshing the page or switching folders sometimes gets rid of these ghost messages in the inbox list, sometimes not. I read that disabling the cache for...
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    Multiple Reciepent Forwarder

    Hello, I have a vps using whm/cpanel. I would like to know if there is an easier way to setup forwarders with multiple reciepents other than creating an entry for each destination address. Essentially a client wants to setup groups for different locations in their company. Each location...
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    Upgrade from resellter to VPS

    Hello, I'm looking for other users that have upgraded from a KH reseller plan to VPS. I know reseller hosting is 'advanced' shared hosting and the server I'm on seems very stressed out. I am considering a managed VPS to improve performance and uptime, I don't really want to have to manage the...
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    Website Monitors

    Hello, I'm curious what experience other users have with website monitoring services. I've tested out a few with mixed results. - seems to work well. pricing is overly complictated. - bare bones features, seems not to work as well as a site...