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    Load Balancer

    I just read this article on KnownHost's blog Tip #2 is "Use highly scalable hardware architectures, along with load-balancing." Does KnownHost have a method for doing load balancing using multiple VPSs or anything else for that matter?
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    Speed up PHP and MySQL

    One of my customers has a website that is heavy on PHP and MySQL. The database is almost 7GB. I'm planning on adding LiteSpeed to my server to help speed up request responses. However, if I understand correctly, according to their website, LiteSpeed does not directly help speed up PHP or MySQL...
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    Questions about LiteSpeed Web Server

    These may be questions for support staff but I thought posting it here might be useful to others. 1. With LiteSpeed Web Host there are different levels offered for dedicated servers. According to, it looks like the only difference between Essential, Professional, Enterprise...
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    Malware scanner for website

    In response to my asking a customer to open up their firewall to my website, they rejected the request and said my site has been shown to host malware. However, their report shows IP addresses that are not mine nor KnownHost's. They appear to be associated with There are two...
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    Checking VPS performance

    Is there a way to and if so how do you monitor the performance of your VPS (cPanel/WHM)? I'd particularly like to be able to see usage levels on CPU and Ram.
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    Spam issues with domain registrar

    Go Daddy sucks at everything except marketing and cheap domain registrations. I have several domains registered with them but all of them have nameservers pointing to other more reputable hosting services like KnownHost. Do I need to worry about Go Daddy issues with spamming affecting my...